Midsummer evening

Midsummer evening

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New Heights, or should that be new lengths....

Well, as you can probably guess from the previous post, I went swimming at lunchtime. It was particularly frustrating today. There were several swimmers (including one woman I’m sorry to report) who were just slightly slower than me so I could race past them but couldn’t stick behind them either. And none of them would let me past at the end of the lane. So I had to really kick out and push myself to accelerate past them, not once but several times. It’s irritating as I like to get into a nice steady rhythm and power through my 50 lengths.

On the plus side, however, my irritation with these swimmers and my frustration from a morning of dealing with divorce stuff caused me to swim faster and further than usual. It’s been a steady 50 lengths in 26/7 minutes for the last few weeks but today I jumped up to 60 in 30 minutes! That’s quite a leap and I’m pleased with the speed and fitness.

I went to my weigh in with very little confidence. Having watched the scales inch slowly but steadily lower over the last 6 days, I got on them this morning to see a small gain, back up to this week’s starting point. Grrr, how do the scales KNOW that it’s weigh in day?? So, I was stellar all day, grapefruit for breakfast, ham and egg salad for lunch, no snacks and lots of swimming. And.....

Somehow I was rewarded with a drop of 2.5lbs!! How did that happen?

I'm very pleased. I need to know my limits and obviously last week was within them (providing I keep doing loads of exercise!). The weekend was a tad TOO relaxed but not far off being ok. So now I know. And good progress made - 5lbs off in a fortnight.



Love Cat said...

Yipeeee! Well done that woman! Just goes to show you are doing the right things.

Goodbye ten bags of sugar - that's right, isn't it?

Onwards! x

Peridot said...

That's amazing. Wow. Good for you.