Sunday, 28 August 2011

New me??

It's 9.30am on a Bank Holiday Sunday and I've already been out for a 45 minute hilly run!! Go me. To be fair, this virtue is borne of fear of the effect of a night out tonight and the admission that I haven't done much in the way of exercise for 2 days now but hey, it's still pretty good.

It's been a decent but not earth-shattering Bank Holiday thus far (I hope your birthday weekend is proving a bit more exciting Peri?!). I had Friday off as Rich's work gives them that Friday but the weather was woeful so we ended up spending a bit of a nothingy, quiet day. We had planned to take a picnic out into the hills and go for a really good long walk but as it rained solidly all morning and half the afternoon, this was NOT going to happen. So it turned into chores round the house, shopping, putting up some pictures, unpacking a box from the basement (yes, we still have several of those left!!) and just generally feeling irritated about the weather. A traditional Bank Holiday in fact!! We did make it out for a walk leter on I suppose.

Yesterday was better - a nice lie-in and dog walk and then off to the football. Wednesday pulled their fingers out and played well for a 3-2 victory against Scunthorpe who proved very tough opposition. We were 2-nil up at one stage but they just wouldn't give up so it was very nervy right 'til the end. Then after the game supper with Rich's Dad and stepmum which was pleasant (how nice not to cook).

Diet wise, though both Friday and Saturday have been slightly "on the edge". Friday was pretty good except that I shared a bottle of wine with Rich. Well, you have to have SOME treats! Saturday was harder in that I had beer at the pub before the game, less of it but still 2.5 pints. And then supper cooked by Carolyn was a lovely beef stew with yorkies and apple crumble. I was starving as I'd deliberately not had lunch and only a brunch of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon to save room and I kept the portions moderate but still...not SW friendly.

On the not having lunch issue - how hard was that?? Watching Rich and our other footie pal, Rich tucking into double cheeseburgers as we walked to the game??! Murder, I could have committed it....

So, not bad but not losing behaviour. And we're going to see a band in town this evening. It's in the pub we go to before matches and after must be our Sheffield "local" by now! Hence the running before breakfast.

As Rich is playing golf now, I'm off to see my friend Jenny in Glossop. She's been primed to plan a nice light lunch and I think it's butternut squash and chorizo soup which sounds lovely.

The scales showed a small loss 3 days ago and have stayed steady since. So I really need to hold onto that and hope for an excellent last 2 days before weigh-in to try and keep the momentum going. 1 lb off would be most acceptable this week, or even a half!!

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