Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Quick Saturday morning update

It's amazing how much difference a few days' focussed dieting makes. Already I feel noticeably (to me) slimmer, more energetic and more positive about life. After my little slump a few weeks ago, it is a great feeling.

Supper last night was another good 'un - pork chops with mash, the remains of the ratatouille and sweetcorn. We finished off with strawberries, blackberries and cream for Richard, sweetened yoghurt for me. What's not to like? No wine or beer and I didn't even feel envious of Rich tucking into one of those heavenly ginger cookies. It helps that I know I'm having a big night out tonight so I was able to use this as a reminder that I need to save up my syns in order to be able to enjoy a few guiltfree drinks.

My chimp was very quiet this morning when I started thinking about my planned Saturday morning run. She tried a nominal effort at resistance but really it was pathetic. In any event, I had a peek at my post from yesterday in which I said I was going for a run and that was enough motivation to ensure that I got dressed straight into my running gear.

We took a different route to the usual. It had been getting a bit stale. The trouble is, there aren't many choices round Bradwell for non-hilly routes; the old run is pretty much it! Today's route was very hilly although gradual, not many steep bits and I walked those couple (I'm not a martyr!). Over the big field (Hazelbadge) then up a limestone dale right to the top and then gradually meandering back down through the village and home. Gorgeous views at the top.

I ran nearly all of the way and had a couple of extra (and very much begrudged) hilly loopbacks to retrieve stupid dogs who had got themselves stuck in fields in their desperation to chase swallows. And, on the way downhill when I could finally breathe again I realised anew what a gorgeous place it is I live in and how lucky I am and I got my mojo back - just like that!

I doubt it had gone far but I have been feeling a little more sluggish than I like so this mini injection of energy is wonderful.

So, on that chirpy note, I'd better get dressed (still in a towell) and go and do the shopping. Have a great weekend all!!

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Sarah said...

Liking the full-of-energy postings. Long may it continue!! Along with some nice sunshine, somehow it's easier to be cheerier and motivated when the weather's happy too.