Sunday, 9 January 2011

Steady Sunday

Our walk up Win Hill in the cold and very breezy January sunshine.

Smiley Minty standing on a wall...

We'd just left the summit so this was out of the wind but still breezy enough. I couldn't take any pics at the very top as I couldn't stand up...

It's been nice. We got up reasonably early (for us) and had a nice big cooked breakfast. Then off for our first training walk (well, not much different to our usual Sunday walk but now infused with added purpose!). We just went up Win Hill which I thought might be a bit tame but turned out to be knackering. The tough bit of the climb was into the teeth of a gale. I'm not exaggerating, on occasions you lifted your feet up to take a step and nearly fell over! So, although it was only a couple of hours, the exercise was well worth having.

We've got 6 months to get fit for our big walk. Having done some more reading on it, the Three Peak Challenge is quite taxing. We will be climbing Ben Nevis, Sca Fell Pike and then Snowdon all within 24 hours. You have a designated driver (in our case a hired minibus) and have to climb Sca Fell in the dark.

I'm determined that we will not be the weak links in the group so we are taking this training malarkey seriously. I think the main thing for me will be losing a stone of blubber so I'm not carrying so much weight up those big bloody mountains!! So I'll be combining general exercise like running, swimming and training with hillwalking at the weekend.

I know Rich is taking it seriously too as he's already planning ahead how he'll manage fitting both training and golf into his schedule once spring arrives.

I'm really looking forward to it. I suspect Shelagh and Minty will be quite happy too...lots of lovely walks for them.

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Peridot said...

As ever, you put the rest of us to shame with your positivity and enthusiasm! Or me, anyway!

And - as ever - gorgeous pics.

How's your back?