Friday, 7 January 2011


I have not been able to achieve the first of those easy, bite-sized targets set in my last post! Typical.

I decided at the last minute to work from home today for a combination of reasons:

- I wanted to stay up and watch us stuff the Aussies in the Ashes (heaven....)
- I had a particularly knotty and frustrating document to finish and knew it would be a lot harder to finish it at work when coping with the distractions of colleagues and email etc
- the weather forecast had given snow and I didn't want to struggle through the traffic there or back
- Rich is off sick

It proved to be an excellent decision for precisely those reasons:

The Ashes victory was awesome but didn't happen until 1.30am so, after watching the celebrations and presentations, I didn't get to bed until after 2am. Not too bad if you're getting up at 8.30am to stagger downstairs but no joke if you have to drive to Rotherham.

The document was HORRIBLE. A total nightmare with all sorts of glitches and gremlins and I would never have finished it had I been at the office but from home I ploughed through and without any interruptions eventually got it done at 2pm.

The snow came harder and earlier than forecast. We currently have about 3 inches of rather intractable looking slushy but slippery stuff. I would not have enjoyed negotiating the hills of Sheffield to get to work and would have been fretting about my return journey. This is warmer, cheaper and safer.

Rich stayed in bed 'til lunch time but it's been nice going for a walk with the dogs together and he feels a lot better after his marathon sleep.

BUT, it has meant that I have not been able to go swimming as per my targets. We did go for a reasonably hilly walk after I got the document finished. I'm aware that I should do something else but am a little non-plussed as to what. My car is currently pretty stuck in the slush/snow so the gym is out. The roads are treacherous so I'm not sure about running and certainly couldn't take the bike out. Thought about the WiiFit but Rich is poorly on the sofa and stuck into the telly so that would mean chucking him off and, worse, exercising in front of him - blegh!!

I think, on reflection, I'm going to go for a purely symbolic run shortly. I will slither down the hill slowly and then run a couple of miles on the flat on the main road which will hopefully be clearer than the roads up here. That way, although the exercise won't count for much, I will know that I did not fall at the first hurdle and that I honoured my target in the breach so to speak.

By way of confession, I need to do this as last night's supper was a traditional "last supper" of fish and chips!!! In my defence, I wouldn't have chosen them but Rich suggested it and I was coming home late after my french class to a fairly unhelpful fridge so needed something quick and thought "sod it", targets start tomorrow. They were very nice (and I didn't have any bread.....tee hee).

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Nona said...

Happy New Year Lesley. Just thought I'd drop by to see how you're doing. Sounds as though you're off to a good start in spite of the weather challenges.

Best wishes with your new relationship, continuing to hold on to your job and of course your weight/health goals.