Thursday, 13 January 2011

Not so ropey

Luckily Tuesday's ropiness did not herald a return to full lurgy mode. Was just a rough afternoon. Phew! Don't mind the odd cough/cold but don't like 2 in a row.

For the record, I don't exercise through a bad illness but, if I just feel a bit off, I will try to do something as otherwise my chimp learns to make me feel ropey in order to evade exercise. She's a sneaky cow my chimp (somewhat confusingly).

Peridot has quite rightly pulled me up on possible anti-short-person rhetoric. In my defence, I never indicated that the 2 men being short had anything to do with their bad dancing! (The jury is still out on whether the wearing of bouffy hair and blouson leather jackets while dancing has any effect.) I just said that they were very short and that, when they stopped dead in the middle of the floor, it was quite easy to trip over them. Their wives (equally short) were pretty good dancers though....

Work was a 'mare yesterday. I have advised on a matter for a while but had my advice consistently ignored. Now I have to deal with it and the people who ignored my advice are now expecting me to miraculously make it all better. From a position of weakness. They have tied my hands behind my back legally speaking and now are expecting me to fight the good fight and tacitly blaming me for having to do a bad deal. I was so hacked off with it. And it all happened at lunchtime too so I couldn't go swimming. Blegh!

I did that dangerous thing - fired off a snappy email to a boss. The minute I pressed send I started to worry. It wasn't rude or anything but definitely a bit stroppy. A colleague read it and said "oh yes, you told him off good and proper" which didn't make me feel any better, "him" being the second most senior officer in the Council....yikes. Anyway, it came good in the end. The boss explained that he hadn't done anything irrevocable so the work situation is not as bad as I had feared and I was able to spin my stroppy email as professional "concern" that we do the best deal possible etc...

But by then the moment for exercise had well and truly passed. I came out of the meeting late and found a text from Rich saying he was going to the pub (which he doesn't do often to be fair) and it just sounded so appealing! So, an hour's drive later, I joined him for a couple and we had a nice de-stressing evening. No targets met, no run, a couple of glasses of wine - on the face of it a poor diet day. But that is NOT the most important thing. Being happy and relaxed is much more important. And I am.

And, as it happened, I was not punished. I have now lost the pesky 3 lb (again) and am pushing to make sure that it is gone for good this time. I went to training this morning and felt much better than I did on Tuesday.

Sad though as I have come to the conclusion that I can't afford to continue with personal training twice a week. I'm going to have to cut back to once, at least for the time being and find some fail-safe substitute. The good thing about training (about from the lovely Huw) was that, whatever else was going on, it was a bare minimum of 2 strenuous exercise sessions every week. I have stuck to that for nearly 4 years which is the most consistent run of exercise I have ever managed. I have to hope that I have learned enough from Huw, the TV show and this blog not to need him twice a week but it is still sad and a little scary.


Claire said...

Hey you wanna set up that Wii fit (LOL!) That can be your personal trainer. xxx

Peridot said...

I guess you could do a duplicate session of your PT session each week? I know it's not quite the same.

Sorry about work frustrations - hopefully you'll enjoy your weekend even more as a result.