Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


How to stick to the straight and narrow when you're feeling ropey. I really hope that the cough/cold I had just after Christmas (which had receded but not quite disappeared) is not making a return fresh and re-vitalised. I'm feeling horrible this afternoon. All achy and hot-and-cold.

It could be that I pushed a bit hard at training this morning before I was properly ready so I hope a nice quiet night in will sort me out. It's always difficult to work out whether you're copping out or looking after yourself? Or, to put it another way, is it your chimp manipulating you or you being sensible? Mindful of my bloody chimp, I try to keep exercising when I'm ill and just lower the intensity. So, fingers crossed that I'm not in for back-to-back bouts of lurgy.

In happier news, we went dancing last night for the first time since mid-December. It was lovely to be back to it and clearly everyone else felt the same as the class was packed. Apart from a few couples who never really settled into it, very few couple have dropped out. There were 2 couples who came together (probably 2 brothers and their wives at a guess) who were all very short, Mediterranean looking and dressed in a rather 80's style (bouffy hair and blouson leather jackets anyone?? On the men....) But week after week they turned up and the blokes just could not seem to get the hang of it. It started off being funny but after a while it was a bit annoying as you kept on tripping over them (they're really very short) when they stopped, yet again, mid-waltz. Well, sadly but inevitably they seem to have given up on the dancing. They gave it a good go but it was not for them... I admired their commitment actually; I'm not sure whether I would have stuck to it as long for so little return. Maybe the wives were insistent - they did look a little formidable!

So now everyone is much of a muchness in terms of standard and we are just as likely to cause a crash as anyone else. We're starting to learn some back stories too and getting a little more friendly with more of the couples.

There are 2 all female couples. One could be a romantic couple or could be 2 mates learning to dance, especially as the older woman who takes the male role seems to be able to dance already so might just be tagging along for her friend's benefit. The other couple though was a bit of an enigma (and I'm very nosey about these things). 2 young, pretty girls who always arrive separately and the one who takes the male role is not a natural dancer at all and doesn't really seem to enjoy it. The "girl" though is well into it. Anyway, I got talking to her one evening and it was such a sad story. She looks about 12, slight and dark haired and appears very delicate and ethereal. She was pretty timid too. But once she got talking she couldn't be stopped, it all poured out. It turns out that she had been widowed by an accident within 8 weeks of getting married nearly 3 years ago now. Her husband had been a musician and they had always wanted to learn to dance so now she's giving it a go. She said she'd hardly been out since he died, just existed so the dance classes are her first new experience. Her mate must be a really good friend to commit to it week after week. But how sad. To be widowed so quickly and so young. I'd guess she's about 27 now if that.

Anyway, now it makes me think, everytime I see her, how important it is to make the most of what you've got and to keep learning, doing things, trying new stuff and not putting things off for another day.

Rich and I love the dancing. It's not always easy; we struggled with the quickstep last night, just could not get the steps right and we do get narky with each other on occasion but it's brilliant to be doing something so lovely together. I love it when a dance is going right, like the waltz did last night, and you just lock eyes and float round the room. Or where you get the giggles, start showing off or taking the mick out of each other. You feel like a proper couple. I'm really looking forward to the day when we find ourselves at a wedding or Christmas party or something and can just take to the floor and waltz or quickstep round the floor.

And finally, a quick update on my mini-targets:

1) I went swimming yesterday and personal training this morning. Tick.
2) No chocs or biccies have passed my lips at work. Tick
3) The chart is still not up.But am going to do the WiiFit thing suggested by
Liz in her comment. Will keep at it...
4) I haven't had a big heavy conversation about dieting with Rich - there is no need - but he knows I'm trying to cut back and lose weight and is down with that. Tick

New targets:

1) Go swimming tomorrow lunchtime (Wednesday)
2) Stick to the no snacks at work thing.
3) Use a smaller plate for suppers; this is meant to work and might be a good way of reducing my portions.
4) Set up Wiifit.


Claire said...

Dancing sounds good but I'd be worried me and my lovely fella would be like the couple that left!

I think if you are ill you don't exercise. It's not your chimp talking its your body. You need rest.

Glad you are sounding so happy with your fella. x

Peridot said...

Hmm, as someone who is really, really short, I take exception to this! I can dance okay actually - although I've never tried ballroom but would love to.

Be careful pushing yourself too hard when you're ill. I feel pretty awful myself at the moment and it sounds similar (extreme lethary, shivery and as if I have a boulder on top of me) and there's no way I could do anything. I'm not even at work today.