Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Blogging works...

Setting off - all happy looking and warm....Shelagh confused as to why I might be leaving at all....and hopeful that she will not be required to attend too.....

Arriving home - knackered, cold, wet and slightly confused looking.....

After I typed up my post yesterday afternoon I knew I was going to get out there and go for a run. I know for a fact that, had I not set the targets the day before (saying I was going to go swimming) and posted about my dilemma re what exercise to substitute for swimming, I would NOT have done anything.

Just starting to write the excuses and think about not doing anything was enough to shame me into getting kitted out and getting out there. I felt so virtuous as it was not an ideal day for one's first run in a couple of months!! It was freezing cold, going dark and the footpaths were covered in icy slush. As I set off, it started to rain, a sort of light, icy drizzle. Nice.

Anyway, I felt great. Managed a solid 35 minutes running and even ran nearly all the way back up the hill. I had to stop at the very end as it is just too steep and slippery but I made it way much further than I thought I would.

So, blogging works.

So does writing down mini targets. I find they have to be quite specific and quite short-term or I find some way of avoiding or "forgetting" them but accountable mini-targets have really helped me in the past.

And so does quick success. I was rewarded with a drop on the scales this morning so am spurred on to keep it up. I will definitely be going for another run this afternoon unless our walk is more taxing than I'm anticipating.

The only downside is that it hurt my back! Lower back pain makes one feel like an old lady. Hopefully this nasty little side effect will recede as I loase the extra lbs... it usually does.

I was reflecting yesterday as I ran on how the cumulative effects of so many different influences can lead to a positive result. All the ads and articles about New Year diets and then reading all the blogs about people getting out there and exercising have made me feel less alone and inspired me that it can be done and without too much drama either.

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