Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Rainy day blues

Some pics from the sunny graveyard I mentioned a couple of posts ago. It really was beautiful, so peaceful and ancient feeling. The evening sun thorugh the trees onto the flowers was heavenly too.

Minty takes a break.

Bluebells in the sunshine.

This used to be the view from D's bedroom window when he was a lad. To the left is Vinegar Hilland on the right is St Senans which is the local psychiatric hospital. The story is that the plans for the hospital got mixed up with those for an Indian prince's palace back in Victorian times. It's certainly an impressive building.

Sunshine on a horse chestnut blossom - do they call them Roman Candles or something?

It has been a tricky day, rainy and cold so difficult to fill. Luckily I had pushed D and his brother into booking a quad biking session for us all so at least we had one outing. That was a good laugh; cold and muddy but who cares when you're wearing waterproof overalls and wellies?! I really enjoyed speeding round a technical course in a muddy field trying to keep up with D.

To be honest though, I've struggled with feeling grumpy today. Not sure why. D and I had a really good chat last night but today everything seemed so annoying. Probably me then! Maybe it's the crowd in the house. There are 9 adults and 3 dogs all sharing a smallish house and it is a little claustrophobic. I don't do brilliantly well with crowds, especially when they are all stuffing their faces and I'm not. No tart, strawberries and cream, pavlova, profiteroles, roast potatoes....grrr

I wouldn't mind but even with that restraint, I still ate way more than I should have done. The Psych bloke emailed me last night and really put me straight; reminded me that I'm being weighed (on national TV) a week on Tuesday so I should really be pushing hard now. I doubt I'll have lost anything this week but I don't think I've gained either so that is a victory. I'll go hell for leather when we get back.

I think the Irish way is a little grating on my buttoned up English sensitivities after a full's based around incessant piss taking and constant talking. Everything is dissected and decisions take forever to make. It takes about 2 hours to actually DO anything. I can manage for a few days but then start to get ratty. God, I sound like a real misery guts don't I? It's really not that bad but I'm using this blog to express all the things that I can't say to anyone here...I may be grumpy but I'm not rude!!

It helps if I can get out and about to exercise but today I only had a short run because poor old Minty cut her paw on some glass in the road and I had to limp her home. We've just been out for a brisk 3 mile walk though and I do feel better. Tomorrow, I'm going to go for a long bike ride first thing in the morning....8 miles at least!

Anyway, thanks for listening, I feel much calmer now.

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Mrs said...

Hope you are feeling better now; are you back?

I know the food situation wasn't great BUT that was A LOT of exercise!!! Quite frankly, life's a b*tch when everyone else is tucking in. I am sure years' worth of Beck could help me see that differently but I can soooo empathise!

Did you get to Glendalough? I LOVED it there!!!

Chin up, chuck; tomorrow is your great...REVEAL!!!!

Stay strong and it sounds like you and D are on a better, more even keel now.

Big kiss. Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx