Thursday, 28 May 2009

Colours of Mary's Garden!

After Nellie's garden, tonight it's the turn of the flowers in my mother's garden in Lincolnshire. You could vote for your favourite if you like! Some sort of papery hydrangea I think...I love the big flowers and muted, old-fashioned colour.

A flag iris
Oh God - one of those bedding flowers which is in EVERY garden - petunia?? Stunning colour though, donchathink?

Gentlemens' Button I believe.
A common or garden iris, slightly on the wane but gorgeous nonetheless.


More lupins!

Yernnnerner!! (roughly translated as "no idea" while shrugging)

Lilac, definitely.

Lupins (again)

Wisteria, so lovely and olde englishe.

More lilac
Dunno - very pretty and springlike though. I have one but it doesn't flower nearly as nicely as mum's.

In order to save myself time but still post, I thought I'd cut and paste this evening's email to the TV psych guy into the blog. Initially we had to email him every night with our weight and exercise etc to make sure we stayed on the straight and narrow. He has relaxed that requirement now down to 2 or 3 times per week but I still find nightly emails useful and, as I'm used to posting often, it's not a hardship. The format of my emails has become somewhat formulaic so I won't post them here too often but I thought tonight's one was a reasonable snapshot of the sort of thing he gets.

Another busy day. But a good one.

weight - 14 stone dead. Aaaargh, it's 4 steps forward, 2 steps back. Still, I'm going to have faith and trust that I'm doing the right thing.

exercise - a 45 minute hilly run this evening when I got back from my french class at 8pm. I was most definitely multi-tasking today - running, speaking french and coaching my chimp all at the same time! Ie. I was chatting to my chimp in french all the way round which was strange but entertaining. Not sure what

food - good. I've not really thought about it today, which I like. I've not been particularly tempted, just eaten when I was hungry, what I'd planned to eat and not agonised about it. Very relaxing.

head - pretty good too. A brief pang this morning when I stood on the scales but talked myself round and told myself not to be derailed.

Not much to report really apart from that I'm still very motivated and feeling good. I felt very strong on my run this evening and didn't worry about the hill which I'd had to force myself up only last week, just powered on up it.

Very excited about our holiday in Botswana in September which I have nearly finalised and booked. I'm already using it as a motivational tool. I really want to be slender and fit for that holiday so that I look great in the pics, can wear nice clothes and feel fit and healthy on some of the more adventurous activities. Don't want to be fat girl on the quad bikes across the salt pans or get mistaken for a hippo out in the Okavango delta!! (joke - I promise!).

When we were in South Africa last October, I did a bungee jump off the Bloukhrans Bridge which is the highest commercial bungee in the world. I absolutely loved it but remember being a bit gutted that they wrote my weight in black felt pen on my hand (it was 95kg) and that in the video, I looked quite chunky, especially when my t-shirt rode up as I hung upside down!!

There is bungee off the bridge near Victoria Falls where we are going and I would love to do that and this time look svelte and have a much smaller number written on the back of my hand. I am already down to 88kg. Something in the mid 70's would be nice! Then, instead of a baggy mens' souvenir t-shirt, I would buy a slinky girls' cut t-shirt and wear it with pride!

What have I changed today?

Not much. I'm talking to myself a lot about what I'm going to do about food and exercise and just generally gee-ing me and the chimp along. It helped this afternoon before my french class. I usually stop at a service station and just have a quick half hour rest between work and french and in the past would buy a cappucino and muffin. Today, still stopped, which felt like a risk, but only had a cup of tea and no snack. Talked myself through the whole process in advance so I didn't get tempted by "the usual" and was ready with some of the techniques but, when it came to it, I wasn't overly tempted anyway so didn't have to use them. This despite the fact that that woman behind the counter recognised me and asked if I wanted my usual order....!

Anyway, bed is calling me - night all!!


Peridot said...

The first flower is actually a hellebore I think.

You're amazing I think - so full of energy and positivity. And mad - the only way I would bungee jump is if someone threw me off and even then I'd (literally) fight them every step of the way. And take them down with me too. Oooh I have a vengeful nature!

Have a good weekend.

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Keep going! LOVE the flowers. My lilac has not flowered this year - very disappointed.

Sorry, this is brief. I'm still here, hanging on hanging on!!!

Big kiss

Mrs Lxxxxx

Lainey said...

Hey hey

You are doing so well. How do you manage to pack it all in! And you still find time to comment on my blog - thank you!

I've got a really similar story about bungy jumping which I must tell soon.

Kerri said...

Very lovely photos of the spring beauties! Your 'yernnerner' that looks like fairy dresses is Columbine. Delicate and dainty, isn't it?
The last unknown ('dunno') is weigela I think. I have a rosy red one. It's such a pretty shrub.
Your MIL's garden is lovely too.
Spring is such a wonderful time of year. Wish it lasted longer.
Your holiday will be marvelous, I'm sure. How exciting is sounds. Bungee jumping though....not so me anyway :) You're a brave lass :)