Thursday, 7 May 2009

Quick update

I'm struggling to get to the computer to post as I'm so busy at the moment. It's all bike, work, Diarmuid, chores, dogs. I will try and make time tonight.

Anyway, just to let you know that I'm getting on really well with the programme. I seem to have found a happy medium foodwise (roughly: muesli and fruit for breakfast; sushi or salad and yoghurt for lunch; fuit for snacks and meat/fish and salad or veggies for supper). I haven't had any bread for well over a week now and hardly any potatoes. I occasionally have a veggie pasta evening meal. Seems to work so far.

I've lost 7 or 8 lbs and I'm feeling a lot fitter.

I'm still doing my personal training twice a week but now adding 4 or 5 sessions on the static bike as well as my big walks and a couple of home workouts for strength and conditioning. Sounds like a lot but the static bike at home means I can fit in 30 minutes on the bike in the evening while watching telly a lot easier than going to the gym or for a run. No excuses.

On the head side of things, we talked through the "beer before the game" angst from last Sunday and I think it was okay. My chimp seems to be biding her time at the mo so no major temptations. I'm vigilant though.

Gotta go - more later.

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Peridot said...

Sounds really impressive, well done you. 7-8lbs over what period of time?

Peridot x