Thursday, 6 October 2016


Lean Queens was pretty good tonight! I dropped 4 lbs taking me (somewhat shamefacedly) to a total drop in 4 weeks of 4.5lbs. So, less than 10lbs to hit one of my targets. And I've made a decent start on the other target of reinstating sweaty exercise as a regular part of my routine.

AND, we went for a run this evening too so that is 3 runs in less than a week! Yee haw!

Frankly I was shattered as we'd had a long tough day working on the house. While Rich spent his third day ripping out a built in wardrobe (horrible but exceedingly solidly built as it turns out), I have been clearing out the store. I have filled 10 throw out bin bags and well over a dozen charity bags as well. So a day of emptying boxes and putting stuff away, breaking up cardboard boxes, tramping up and down stairs, sorting books and lugging stuff around. Doesn't sound like much but I was so tired by 5pm.

Still the weigh in perked me up and the run and a hot bath sorted out my aching muscles. So now I just need to keep the pressure up for this next week and not get all complacent and "ooh, toast" now I've had one good week.

Wish me luck!!


beth said...

Amazing, congrats! xx

Seren said...

Fantastic result - well done :-)