Tuesday, 4 October 2016


So this week has been MUCH better than the last 2.  Perhaps I needed to have a bad week and have my ass booted by our (very lovely) Lean Queens (bootcamp) leader Kerrie or perhaps it was just time for me to start taking it more seriously after that decent first week.  Either way, it has been better, easier and quite pleasing.

I have been eating sensibly but not too restrictively; trying to limit bread and cut out alcohol but just go for everything else in moderation.  And, crucially, I'm gradually reinstating sweaty exercise which was my main target at the start of the programme (along with dropping a stone).  Hopefully I will record a drop at the weigh in tomorrow evening.

After my cracking run on Saturday morning with the lovely Beth, I planned another run this lunchtime.  As I set off my chimp was murmuring something about just a short, flat route but, remembering how far we managed on Saturday morning, I swatted that aside and went for the longer loop.  Only 2.5 miles but still not bad, especially as half of that was over damp, long grass so quite tough going. Go me.

Along with an hour of foxtrot this evening desperately trying to revise the old steps as well as learn new steps which we missed over the last 2 weeks, exercise has not been too bad today.  Especially as I spent the rest of the day sorting out the store and chucking or putting away stuff which has been languishing in boxes since we moved into the house nearly 3 years ago!  Strangely satisfying but there's still a way to go.

Below are some pics from our walk with Beth on Sunday.  It was stunning out there on Stanage Edge; a lovely early autumn day.  The photos may seem somewhat lacking in human subjects (apart from my stock model, Richard) as the only photos of me also include my weekend guest who has a no-photo policy.

I managed to persuade Shelagh to pose at the first stile - no smile but eye contact!

Aaah, in't'he sweet??

Minty doing her mountain goat impression - not bad.

North Lees Hall.  I've mentioned this before but Charlotte Bronte modelled Thornfield Hall on this while she stayed in nearby Hathersage when she was writing 'Jane Eyre'.  It's a lot smaller but has a lot of the same attributes and a similar wild location.

It advertised "tea and cakes available at the Hall". They were not!  All was locked up.  Shame.....


beth said...

Amazing about the run! And your piccies are always the best... xx

Seren said...

Go you indeed. All sounds incredibly positive - and your pictures are as beautiful as ever.