Thursday, 6 October 2016

Charity starts at home

3 days of mucking out our bedroom wardrobes and the black hole of the storeroom has resulted in 13 bags to be given to charity. But how to do it? Where is the nearest charity shop with handy car parking space right outside? I'm not lugging 13 bags down the High Street, not even for, well, charity.

Well, the Gods of Charitable Giving are with us: we returned from an excursion into Sheffield this afternoon (we had Carolyn with us so couldn't deal with charity bags as well) to find a fresh charity bag on the doorstep. There will be a collection on Tuesday. Our hallway will be emptied without further effort. Praise be!!

We went into Sheffield to have a preliminary chat with the travel agent about flights to Australia next Christmas. It will be expensive but we knew that. We can't book anything until the flights are released next year but it was still exciting to be discussing routes and stopovers. 

We came away with STA brochures full of wildly age - inappropriate tours aimed at backpackering twenty somethings but the pictures were pretty and inspiring!! Sleeping under the stars at Ayers Rock; driving a camper van down the Great Ocean Road; standing at the lookout point in the Blue Mountains; Sydney Harbour Bridge. I just cannot wait.

Gotta go now - I have to go to my first EVER spinning class. Gulp. Wish me luck.  

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Seren said...

Oh, how exciting! What a trip that will be! Also - SPINNING???? Far too much of a wuss to ever have tried it, will be intrigued to here what you think.