Monday, 3 October 2016

Oh my Lord....

I missed ALL of September! How did that happen?

I've just had a weekend visit from a lovely bloggy pal (Beth) and that reminded me how much I love my blog and my bloggy pals and how neglectful I'm being. I've taken loads of sunny walking pics and they have not seen the light of day yet. BAD BLOGGER!

So, I'm tapping this out on my phone before I get up to pledge that I will soon become a reformed and (slightly more) diligent blogger. We're having a week off staying at home doing chores on the shack so that will be the perfect time  to sort out pics and do some catch up posting.

Re bootcamp, it's not actually full on bootcamp and after a great first week I allowed my chimp to lead me astray for the next fortnight and regained my initial drop. I got back on track this week with Beth's encouragement with a fabbie run together along the railway track route. When I say "together" I was aware that she was somewhere on the track ahead of me as she kindly doubled back a few times to check on me!!

I had my revenge however as I'd described the route as "flat-ish" then changed it mid-run to a non flat route....she was somewhat puzzled by the series of inclines but chugged up and down womanfully. I was quite proud of myself to be honest: 40 hilly, steady minutes and I've made a good start to the "getting back on track week". And very nice having a running buddy.

So, I hope you've had a great summer and are looking forward to a fit and healthy autumn. I certainly am.

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beth said...

Hmmm, your original story about the hills was that you "forgot" how hilly it was... didn't realize you were getting revenge! So great to see you (and see you back here) xxx