Monday, 29 August 2016

Sunny Bank Holiday!

I can't remember when I took these but it wasn't too long ago. A lovely sunny evening dog walk.  It is one of our standard quick walks 40 minutes or so round the fields and back through the village. I love it, especially in the sunshine. 

I stood for ages at the stream watching a pair of dippers then realised that Minty was mesmerised by something in the other direction.  When I watched carefully I spotted a water vole paddling through the the plant life at the water's edge. Magical.  

Then up the hill to the stile before we cross the fields.

No sheep that day so the girls could stretch their legs.

Look at that sky!

Then we hit the village, cross the brook and walk back along the main road. We're so lucky to live here.

We played golf this afternoon in the gorgeous sunshine in the Bank Holiday mixed match.  We played with a married couple who we've played with before. She is a new golfer and he is a tad overbearing. She is well able to deal with him but golf is a funny game and leaves you curiously vulnerable and tetchy. So they had spats all round the course, mainly 'cos he kept telling her what to do then putting her in another bunker. It was quite funny (mostly) and I think we helped defuse some potential rows!

We don't row (much) on the course and, apart from a couple of poor holes, did pretty well so we were chuffed with a solid second place.

Combine that with fun company, an excellent meal and nice wine - well, it makes for  very pleasant Bank Holiday Monday.

Back to work tomorrow and meeting my pal Kerry for a walk afterwards so I'll try not to cry too much.

I'm still very jealous of Seren on holiday in Scotland. ...sulks....


Seren said...

Hope the return to work didn't prove TOO painful!!


Peridot said...

Just catching don't do things by half do you?! That boot camp thing sounds BRUTAL. But I'll be very interested to read all about it and you are made of stern stuff, I know


Pam said...

That all looks lovely! Hope work isn't too unlovely.