Monday, 27 April 2015

On the move again

I don't know why I stopped posting regularly over the last 2 weeks but I do know that I missed it.  I have composed countless posts as I have ploughed up and down the swimming pool or walked the dogs but, when I am home sitting next to the laptop, I somehow got out of the habit of writing some of them down.

Maybe that first week it was bewilderment that the confidently predicted "reasonable drop" actually materialised as a mysterious gain of 1.8.  That was compounded by pure laziness and a dash of the old "fuck it" attitude.  But this last week I have got my act together again returned to the basics of tracking (mostly), exercise and moderation and I still didn't blog,even though I KNOW it helps me!!

That's why I dashed off that last post - to break the hoodoo and make sure I got bck on the horse asap. This morning has been weigh in day and there has been no reluctance to stand on the scales or calibrate where I am up to.  Strangely, although I was expecting another stay-the-same or, at the best, a small drop, I have manged a very respectable 2.6 off, taking me into fresh fat!

So to stats:

Start weight - 17.0.4
Week 14 drop - +1.8
Current weight - 16.0.4
Total drop - 14

Start weight - 17.0.4
Week 15 drop - 0
Current weight - 16.0.4
Total drop - 14

Start weight - 17.0.4
Week 16 drop - 2.6
Current weight - 15.11.8
Total drop - 16.6

So, as you can see, I have effectively taken 3 weeks to drop a single lb!!  Ha ha

I prefer to look at it like this - I could have given up but I didn't.  It has happened often before at this sort of stage in a diet.  An unexpected gain causes me to waver and ultimately wander off to regain anything I have dropped.  But I didn't.  I retrenched for a week and then got back going again and now I'm a lb ahead of where I started.  This is GOOD news.

It's only bad news if I were to start imposing deadlines on myself - I must weigh X by May, I must drop Y by June.  Then, a 3 week hiatus means failure.  But what is the point of a deadline??  I'm 45. I've been fat most of my life to varying degrees and I'm trying to learn how not to be.  THIS is my life now, not when I have dropped X or Y. Now.  So, if I can live my life, do lots of fun things and also diet and exercise so that, for the most past, I'm heading in the right direction, however slowly, that is a success!

Over 16 weeks, I have reversed the entire trajectory of last year and that should be a cause for celebration not disdain.

What have we been up to in the last fortnight?

  • Not running!  I am still plagued by that torn left calf so I'm leaving that well alone for a few weeks.   
  • Lots of swimming.  I can't express how gorgeous it is at the open air pool in Hathersage in the sunshine.  It's like being abroad.  I have been going at least 3 times a week and am LOVING it.  I have swum at last 1/2 a mile, mostly 1km and occasionally a full mile each time and can feel the benefit already.
  • Golf, loads of it.  I played well a couple of weeks ago and my handicap has been cut to 15 but I suspect it will be up to 16 soon as it was only just at the top of 15 so 2 more poor rounds and I'm back up.  But good news nonetheless.  I also played in our first match of the summer and trounced my hapless opponent 4 and 3.  We were away at Headingley Golf Club in Leeds yesterday and it was heavenly in the chilly but bright sunshine.
  • Decorating.  We have almost finished painting the hallway and stairs.  We've done all the bits around the stairs and have had the new carpets fitted.  It looks great.  Just a few bits in the downstairs hallway to finish off.  Next up the bathroom which looks very dingy by comparison!
  • Dog walking. Natch.  In fact I have a most disgruntled Shelagh sitting next to me expressing the opinion that we should be dog walking right now.  Soon, my love, soon.
  • Football. Natch.  It's pretty dire but only one more match to go this coming Saturday - away at Watford.  An early kick off so we have to leave home at 6.30am!!  Gah.  Roll on next season when hopefully we will have some new players and maybe a new manager to bring back some sparkle.  Although the overall result of 13th in the Championship is better than last year, the results at home have been awful - just 4 wins all season. 4!!
  • Socialising.  A bit, not much.  Went to see a band called Grin Factor at our local on Saturday which was good.  Managed not to drink too much so didn't ruin either the diet or golf on Sunday morning which was even better.
I can't be bothered to talk about work.  It's not too bad right now but not great either.  2 more weeks until we have a week off for our holiday in Northumberland (Amble).  Cannot wait.


Peridot said...

As always, you are the very voice of sense! And seeing it as fresh fat makes it a triumphant success.

I was sneakily reading this on my phone at work and read "hapless opponent" as "topless opponent" - now there's a thought!

PS Have you read the most recent (I think)New Scientist? It has an article on building brown fat which burns more calories - through being cold. Swimming outside gets a specific mention I think (I get P to precis these articles for me rather than me reading so much non-fiction!)


Pam (Isabelle) said...

That sounds very sensible and positive indeed. Hurray for you.