Sunday, 12 April 2015

Swimming, running and musings

Apologies for TMI (again) but it feels relevant.  I seem to be heading in the right direction despite some tribulations.  Physically, I'm healthy but until yesterday I had been having a continuous period for nearly 3 weeks.  Not unduly heavy and not bad symptons but damn persistent and just, tiring and energy sapping.  Also, Rich has had a nasty cough/cold and I think I've been fighting it off which also takes its toll on energy levels.

However, despite that, I've managed to stick to my regime for the most part and am hopeful of a reasonable drop at weigh in tomorrow.

With my car being poorly since Tuesday, it has been harder to fit in swimming as we're sharing cars but I managed a lunchtime run along the canal at work on Thursday and swims Saturday and this morning.  The canal run was good as I made myself extend my usual run beyond the 2nd lock taking it to 4.6km from 3.5km.  Next time - 5km!!

I was particularly proud of myself going swimming yesterday as the weather was grim.  I was up to drop Rich off at the golf course and really felt for him after a sunny work week, having to play golf in the cold wind and rain.  But I still managed to talk my reluctant chimp into the pool and powered up and down for 36 laps in 25 minutes!

This morning I only went for a quick dip while Rich was snoozing - 28 laps in 20 minutes but it was equally "brisk" so still good work.

There seem to be quite a few regular diet-y bloggers suffering from a loss of motivation at the moment.  I've been pondering on what causes this - why,when you're happy with your diet and happy to be dropping weight, does it suddenly become so hard to stick with a regime which was easy and working only weeks before??  It happens to everyone and sometimes you can plough on through and get back to the grindstone while other times, the stumble heralds weeks and months of gaining and frustration (see 2014).

Looking back, I think I nearly faltered this last few weeks myself.  The combination of unhelpful bodily cycles, social life,a hard year end at work and slow progress on the scales definitely ended my honeymoon period with this latest regime but somehow, either though luck or judgement, I have managed to steer myself back onto the SW track.  Maybe the early hint of spring has helped with the swimming pool and hills beckoning me and reminding me how nice it would be to have some summery clothes which fit me this year rather than having to go out and buy bigger ones like last year!!

As to whether there is anything we can do to regain mojo, I don't know but I DO think it must be within our power.  I suspect it is about chimp management and doing a series of small things to head in the right direction until the diet-love returns.  There have been days when I have been close to cutting loose and eating everything in sight  but somehow I have limited the damage.  The difference this time is that I seem to be able to recognise when I truly need to loosen up a bit and enjoy some treats and do just that (but no more) without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I mentioned a mini chocolate fest in one of my recent posts which was one such occasion.  I was so close to letting go but started with a lush hot chocolate and a piece of toast with Nutella and then realised I didn't need any more and stopped.  Despite the chimp voices in my head, I didn't eat biscuits, or more toast, or finish off the Lindor truffles which are my evening treat or any other contraband.  I had some extra stuff but then stopped.  Wow! It IS possible!  Who knew??

So, the result of all this rambling navel gazing is that I'm feeling cautiously positive for the next few weeks at least and that, in dieting world, is pretty much all you can ask for.  Good luck everyone else who is striving to become or to stay slim - may your mojo be ever with you.


Seren said...

Poor thing, sometimes it is worse to be feeling slightly under the weather than it is to have a full blown bug because you just have to keep going.

You're doing so well at the moment, and glad to hear that the forecast is good for the coming week. Courage, mon brave!


Pam (Isabelle) said...

You're doing well. Keep strong!

Peridot said...

My mind balks at the thought of a 3 week period- poor you, that's just grim. Hope you're hot footing it to the GP.