Monday, 6 April 2015

Week 13 weigh in and Bank Holiday mixed golfing adventures

Amazingly, considering all the meals out we have had over the last few days, I managed to drop a lb last week.  I suppose, in between all the eating, I also played a lot of golf in poor conditions (which makes it harder work, honest) and I went running once and swimming so that must have been enough to swing it.

So, the stats are:

Start weight - 17.0.4
Week 13 drop - 1.0
Current weight - 15.12.8
Total drop - 15.6

Somehow it feels real that I dropped some weight now that the total is 15 as opposed to 14.  Why I couldn't possibly tell you....

But the eating out has not stopped so I'm already fearing for next week.We played in the Bank Holiday Mixed Greensomes today.  Our first of the Bank Holiday mixed comps since Rich has only joined my club this year.  It was a bit of a baptism of fire as we were playing with the Mens' and Ladies' captains.  They were funny though and very relaxed and, even better, being on the captains' table for the meal after means that you don't pay for wine as they pick up the tab on their entertainment budget!! We didn't trouble the leaders but didn't play badly either and the meal was gorgeous. Turkey, bacon with all the trimmings followed by sticky toffee pudding.  Mmmmm, heaven.

Poor old Richard has had to head straight out again to play darts (first match of the summer league) but I am happy vegging on the sofa with a poorly Shelagh.  I'm hoping she is not really sick but she is definitely under the weather and I have no idea why.  She seems to be limping a bit but I can't find an actual injury.  She is eating and drinking and can muster a small wag from time to time but mostly she is really hangdog and quiet.  I don't like it.

And, in another annoying development my car has broken down again.  It started then cut out on me this evening and is now saying there is an "Engine Immobiliser Fault" which sounds deeply depressing (and expensive).  Gah!  I had planned to go swimming first thing tomorrow before work but that is not now going to happen.  So it'll have to be a run along the canal at lunchtime (fingers crossed that the pulled calf muscle is okay, I haven't felt it tug for a while).  I had better do something as that sticky toffee pudding is not going to work itself off.


Seren said...

What a fantastic result and it shows how hard you must be working on things in between all the lovely social-ness - your Easter weekend sounded blissful!

Hope Shelagh is ok. Minx sends a concerned purr.


Hazel said...

I had an 'engine management' fault for about three years with no detriment (some nonsense about a sensor in the exhaust) - but then my car was hardly worth the cost of the diagonistics, let alone the repair.

Pets are an outrageous worry - but worth every angst-ridden heartbeat, obviously. I'm sure that Shelagh will bounce back v soon - Domino cat would sent a concerned purr if that was his style, however the best you get from this bad tempered 16yr old mog is a twitch of the tail - and count yourself lucky at that!


Peridot said...

Hope Shelagh is feeling better. And yay you!


Gabby said...

Poor shelagh! I hope she's ok.
And congrats on your loss so far - amazing job. Hoping to follow suit again shortly, fingers crossed.

Pam (Isabelle) said...

Hope Shelagh is better soon. And you're looking great! Sticky toffee pudding clearly agrees with you.