Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Not doing very well this week.  I WAS doing well then had a vicious and unscheduled bout of food poisoning which temporarily helped with dropping weight but scuppered exercise and derailed eating with care.  There was far too much pain,white bread going on.  Then there was a beer-based last away match of the season in Watford on Saturday (what a day!), a lazy Sunday and a golfing Monday followed by meal afterwards.

The Bank Holiday confused me (doesn't take much) so I didn't actually weigh in on Monday but I'm thinking a small gain.

So, the plan is a careful, sensible week this week, followed by a wonderful holiday week in Northumberland, followed by a serious renewal of vows when I get back.

I have started well today with a delicious crab salad for supper.  Mmmmhmmmm

Exercise is taken care of this week with golf tomorrow and Thursday and swimming or running on Thursday so hopefully I can reset the few bad habits before we go away.  I'm not too worried though as the holiday will be active and lovely and there is plenty of time to get back into losing ways following our return.

Good luck to all on diets, both the active and successful and the lapsed and languishing.  WE. CAN. DO. IT!!


Seren said...

I love Lesley in cheerleader mode - it always makes me feel so energised! Best of luck for a sensible week and, more importantly, have an AMAZING time in Northumberland. If you need a tea stop in Leeds on the way then do give me a shout :-)


Gabby said...

Thanks for the shout out and good luck to you too!

Peridot said...

Yeuch! Poor you....

Have a wonderful time in Northumberland