Thursday, 9 April 2015

Update on Shelagh

She is fine. I took her to the vet on Tuesday as she was obviously in pain all day Monday and little better on Tuesday. The very thorough vet checked her carefully and pronounced a pulled muscle above the elbow on her front left leg. I suspected she had pulled something out in the garden as she is not quite as nimble as she used to be, especially first thing (probably a touch of arthritis - boooo!).

Anyway, we have some painkillers and instructions to limit walks to short but frequent where possible. And now she is back to her old self. Still hamming it up for attention when she remembers but much happier despite the limp. I reckon she'll be totally recovered in a week.

It was awful seeing her so poorly on Tuesday morning. She was all scrunched up, tail under and shivering violently while looking up at me with her big brown eyes beseeching me to make her better. But I couldn't help her straight away. It was very frustrating but she hasn't held it against me.

I feel as stiff as her now after my 4.6 km run along the canal at lunchtime. My pulled right calf is better although I now have a twinge in the left calf! Gah!!

So far so good but chocolate was taken this evening in the form of a hot chocolate made with copious amounts of real choc and a piece of toast with nutella....luckily I managed to stop before I went crazy though...phew!! It was touch and go for a while. Maybe my restraint over Easter was too strict?? Hopefully not too much damage done.


Peridot said...

My mother swears by a product called Joint Aid for dealing with arthritic dogs (as opposed to for you post-run. Although.....). Glad she's feeling better anyway.


Love Cat said...

Poor Shelagh. Glad to hear she is on the mend.

Good word on the losses recently! Seems like you've found your groove. I am jealous! xxx

Pam (Isabelle) said...

Oh, that's such a relief.

Stephbospoon said...

Poor dog baby, hope she gets well soon!