Saturday, 27 April 2013

Normal service is resumed

Well, if by normal you mean drinking way too much and going to the footie! I should be dieting sensibly, exercising and keeping away from days out on the beer but I'm just not.

The good news is that the house has sold in time to leave me a modest but decent wedge. The bad news is that, having been dragged out of my nice, comfy team at work into the v stressy legal department, and having had the carrot of promotion dangled in front of me by way of consolation, I didnt get the job.  There was a monumental "jobs for the boys" stitch up which didn't just shaft me but several others.

I'm gutted to be honest cos I know I could have done a good job but now we have a chocolate teapot "political" appointment running the team. Well, that's it, no more Ms Nice Lawyer. Cooperation withdrawn. Easy life reinstated. Not the way I wanted it but I'm going to hunker down and just do MY job as well as I can for now.

Today I'm chuffed that we are off to the football. Peterborough away.  A big day out and hopefully I can put the disappointment behind me Wish me luck peeps.


Peridot said...

It's so annoying when that happens - hopefully though it will remove some of the stress of your working day.


Seren said...

What an absolute pain in the neck, I'm so sorry. But, on the bright side as P says, a bit of a swing back to the life side of the work/life balance can only be a good thing.