Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Silver Lining

Hi all.  Here are yet more snowy pics taken over a week ago now when it was deep and crisp and even.  We still have plenty left although it's mostly in heaps on the side of the road or in strips in the fields.

Bradwell Church.  I must take some pics from inside and find out more about it's age and history etc.

Rebellion Knoll.  No idea why - once again, I must find out more about it.

Richard throwing a snowball for Shelagh.  She loves chasing after them an then heading off into the field to bury them.  Weird!

It was DEEP.

The poor pooches really had to work to run in it.

More snowball throwing.

Minty's technique is more destructive - she pounces on the thrown snowball to the point of disintegration - no need to bury it then, see.

 Man down, man down..

Well, poorly as I am, even I can see the silver lining.  I have been making myself stand on the scales every morning for a week or so now.  It's part of my "getting back into the swing of dieting" push.  On occasion in the last few days it has been a very disheartening experience with 14.11 and even 14.12 registering.  However, I suspect that seeing those numbers helped me to rein back and drop a few.  (I suspect also that those extreme numbers were temporary TOTM leaps too).

That said, being sick has really helped the cause.  I have not been hungry and not drunk booze all weekend either so I was very pleased with 14.6.8 yesterday.  Even more pleased with 14.4.8 this morning!!

This feels like a real Brucie Bonus.  One that I should capitalise on.  This has taken me right back to my lowest weight in this dieting cycle (well, not quite but near as dammit - the actual lowest was 14.4.0).  Although I know that it has come from being ill, I also know that there is no reason why I cna't take it and build a decent loss from it.  I am so much closer to the 13's now.  I can almost touch them. 

So, my main priority now is getting rid of this horrible lurgy (it is going - I feel better than I did yesterday although still very weak).  THEN, I am going to be straight back into a PROPER push to drop some lbs.  Not just going throught he motions but actually cut down on carbs and booze, do more exercise and get into those 13's - for summer and for good!

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