Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hi again

God I'm a rubbish blogger at the moment.  A bit like my dieting and exercise efforts; my blogging efforts are sporadic, disjointed and somewhat half-hearted.  Whoops!

However, I'm really feeling as though I'm getting back into the mood for having another go.  For one thing, I am a lot healthier.  For the first time in weeks I do not feel sick, am not coughing or phlegmy.  Yay!!

For another, my house has finally sold!  What bliss.  It all went through on Friday so that pressue is finally lifted.

For a third, spring is finally springing so to speak.  It's not exactly tropical or anything but it's nice to feel a modicum of warmth in the sunshine even if you are being blown over by the gale force winds!

Work is still heavy but no longer manic.  The current reality is that I just have too much on every day and will never catch up at this rate but it's the same for all of us and nothing is going to change despite our pleas for assistance.  My team and I have therefore decided to do what we can and hang the rest!

Weight wise, my sickness inspired low weight has not persisted.  What a shame.  Once I got my apetite back and stopped being so dehydrated, my weight reverted back to around the 14.9/14.10 mark.  This means that I've gained a few lbs from my lowest and am less than a stone down from my starting weight.  Grrrr.  But no real damage done and it's not out of control by any means.

I have not been running for weeks but I've been to 2 sessions of personal training last week and this evening so the exercise is beginning again.  I'm playing golf tomorrow morning (likely in the rain....) and working from home from my parents on Thursday so am planning a "starting again" run in Lincolndshire (flat, see).

The key thing diet wise has GOT to be cutting back on carbs and snacks.  Too much bread and too much eating between meals.  I've made a start this week at reducing noth but it's not proving easy.  Must. Try. Harder.

So, once again, peeps, wish me luck and see you soon. L xxx

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Peridot said...

Good news on the house sale and glad you're feeling better.