Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New Wave

All the chatting about "getting back to it" is finally paying off.  I dug out my old Six Weeks to OMG schedule and actually started DOING it on Monday.  Not perfectly admittedly but DOING it again.  Getting on the scales first thing (which I've been doing a lot anyway); cold showering (which likewise I've never really stopped); black coffee'ing (ditto); POM'ing (a POM is a "period of movement" or, in other words, exercise which I have been doing less of); waiting at least 3 hours before eating etc etc

I've managed 3 days so far and have had mixed results.  I've been stellar in the mornings and at lunchtimes but have struggled to stick to it in the evenings.  It'll come.  I have grazed before eating or eaten a modest meal and then carried on to have toast and/or cereals.  Hmmm  

I suspect it has been made worse because I'm ill, AGAIN!  I thought I'd got better last week and truly was for 2 or 3 blissful days and then the cough started up again.  Last night it turned from hacking, dry, explosive cough into a stremaing head cold.  Sigh.  I suspect that if I was well, I would find it easier NOt to graze as I'd be out and about doing stuff, not welded to the sofa looking after myself.

Anyway, mini-target for tonight is not to have anything else to eat (apart from a cup of tea later). 

Weightwise, I started at 14.11 on Monday morning (Grrrrr) but am down to 14.9 now so back in the approximate zone and not too much damage done as long as I can really make this push stick.

What else is going on then?  I've not posted much recently as I've been reeling a bit under all the "stuff" going on.

The job thing I mentioned in my last post was somewhat annoying but I have reconciled myself to it.  It was a restructure of my department which everyone read one way, meaning  Iwould have a realistic shot at the team manager job.  Trouble is, senior management made a decision to move a litigator over from his half of hhte department into my half.  This had the knock-on effect of removing a senior job from a chap everyone thought would get it thus leaving him competing with me for the TM job.  Obviously he got it leaving me and another woman out in the cold.  To be fair to him, he's similarly cheesed off as he's been effectively demoted in favour of a litigator and the only reason we can see for the litigator's sidewise move was to allow his chum over in litigation to get the senior promotion.

Great for that chap.  Not so great over here where we're all blocked now.  And not so great below him in litigation where they now have to recruit with no budget.  Cock up anyone??

I asked for a meeting on Monday morning to say my piece and clear the air and have done so so now  I can put it to bed and stop raging about the unfairness of it all.  I'm going to retrench and concentrate on enjoying life and staying stressfree (and hopefully illness free as well) for a while.  I like my job and want to do it well but there is no point getting ill over it or worrying about it unduly, especially now I've not been promoted.....

On the house sale front, it is GREAT knowing that it's not my responsibility any more!  I drive past it most days and it is so nice to see it lived in again.  And to know that they are a nice family who will love it and look after it.  It was such a nice house it "deserves" some TLC.  And, even better, I don't have to mow the lawns or cut the hedges!!

Football?  Hmmm, least said about that the better.  We should have been safe from relegation after last Saturday's game but couldn't manage a draw which was all we needed.  What a bummer.  Now it goes down to the last match of the season against Middlesbrough.  It's not toooo bad as safety is at least in our hands.  If we get a win we're safe and a draw would probbaly see us through dependent upon other results.  It's going to be a nervy, horrible affair until we've scored enough goals to be safe.  Ha!  As if that's going to happen - last chance dance is where we're at.

Golf.  I'm loving it this season but not playing particularly well, not badly but not brilliantly.  I'm hoping that that is because I've not been well....hoping.....still, hoping....  We're playing at Woodhall Spa on Friday which is a great course and usually far too expensive but we get a good deal because Rich is captain of his course this year.  Yay!! I hope I can do it justice.

So, that's a quick update.  I'll be back soon to let you know how SWTOMG Mark 2 is getting on.  See you soon peeps.


Seren said...

Hope you banish your lurgy (lurgie??) soon and that Mark 2 is a stellar success. It all seems a tad more achievable with a bit of sunshine, doesn't it?

And love the new picture at the head of the blog - fabulous!


Isabelle said...

That all sounds MOST annoying. Poor you.