Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Postscript to the Blues

Well I managed to drop 2 lbs last week after all so that's good news.  And, although we didn't have "The Talk" because of time after his brother had left, I told Rich that I was sad and he seemed to know exactly what to do so now I'm not sad any more.  Which is also good news.


Claire said...

That's very good news. I have a friend who thinks her husband should just 'know' that she needs attention/romance and if she tells him it doesn't count. I think it does and you will catch me telling lovely fella that my 'fuss bucket' is empty! Works for me. x

Seren said...

Hurrah!! For both weight loss and other stuff.


Peridot said...

Phew - blues averted. Glad you're feeling a bit more cheerful (January really doesn't help with this) and well done on the loss.


Love Cat said...

I am SO glad to hear this.

I read your post last night late on so didn't get a chance to reply.

It sounds like you know him very well and have identified that when he's feeling content he just rumbles along sometimes forgetting that we need an extra little helping of attention now and again.

Men are SO bad at this. Just five minutes of loveliness a day is all it takes.

I know exactly that you mean when the thoughts of 'is this how it's going to be' sometimes creep in. It's hard to match up reality with the love fiction that goes on internally - and for me that is a large part of every day.

And whoo hooo - 2lbs! Well done you. A great loss. I hope that you give yourself credit for it too!


Linz M said...

Excellent news on both counts :)