Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 3 February 2012

I need a Holidaaaay!!

I've been singing (in my head) a rubbishy 80's tuune all day: "Hands up, baby, hands up...give me your heart, gimme gimme your heart gimme gimme...." etc.  (And now YOU will be too!).  But I've just noticed that I've been, quite unconsciously, substituing the words "I need a holidaaay!" for the proper lyrics (if you can call them that) "why don't you follow meee??"

The's an amazing thing.

Why is it that being about to go on holiday precipitates an avalanche of work??  I've been trundling along quite nicely at work, nothing too manic, for weeks if not months.  Then this week it has all gone crazy.  This week being the week before we try and take 3 measley days holiday!  Why, God, Why??

So, I've had to cope with that as well as doing all the pre-holiday stuff.  Which is never-ending - money, airport parking, checking repeatedly to avoid Ryan Air's preposterous charges if you don't have EXACTY the right printed version of your online boarding pass and that your luggage and cabin baggage is not a millimetre too big!  (I HATE Ryan Air but their flights end to be the best...what can you do?).   

The holiday stuff also got in on the act and became more complicated by the addition of weather worries.  We are flying at 6.30am on Sunday morning.  Latest weather predictions say that it will start to snow between here and Manchester airport on Saturday evening and through to the early hours of Sunday - not good!!  So we've decided to drive over to a hotel within the airport on Saturday evening and stay over so we can be sure of getting there.  Extra cash - just what you don't need but better than wasting the money we have spent on the holiday by NOT GETTING THERE! 

By doing this, of course, we have now guaranteed that it does NOT snow, or only very lightly so that we will be conscious tht we didn't need to stay over the night before at all.  (Whereas, if we had NOT arranged to stay over, the snow would have been deep and crisp and even....)

So, while trying to do this AND work at furious pace all day I have become somewhat frazzled.  I have been adding stuff to my to-do-list as fast as I can cross stuff off but I think I'm just about there.  We're only going away til Wednesday - how can it be this complicated??

Anyway - I'm now officially finished with work and can finally look forward to ROME!  Romantic, lovely, cultural, foodie Rome.  I cannot wait.  There will be photos.  The weather is saying very cold but at least 2 sunny days so I hope that it is right.  Yaaaay!!


Peridot said...

I think that travelling over on Saturday is a very sensible thing to do. Have a WONDERFUL time! I think they have snow there too - the first time since the 1980s according to the ITV news!


Sarah said...

Yay, go you, I love holidays and loved Rome so why not. Please post pics.

Sarah x

Claire said...

OOh I hope you got there ok. x