Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 27 February 2012

My Blue and White weekend

It was the big Sheffield Derby at our home ground, Hillsborough yesterday.  We assembled in our Sheffield local which you now know from the banner is the New Barrack Tavern on Penistone Road. 

The flag is a new addition which we raised funds for over the last season of away coach trips so now we have something to drape over the railings at big games.  The slight flaw in this plan is, being a pub group, we tend to stay in the pub until the last minute so never get organised enough to get into the ground early to do the draping!!

"Because of Boxing Day" is a line from a big Wednesday song remembering a famous victory over the Blades on Boxing Day 1979.  They were flying high in the league and we were not doing well but we beat them 4-nil and ended the season being promoted while they were relegated (or so the legend goes....).  Richard was there and it is a Big Deal in the blue half of Sheffield!!

 I don't know what I was doing with this photo.  I thought I had a nicely centred shot of Richard (tall chap on the left), my Rich in his new glasses, Squiby, Kerry and other Richard (yes, there are too many Richards!).  Instead I have Richard's torso, Rich with part of his head sliced off, Squib in the dark and no Kerry or Richard!  Early beer and giddiness may be to blame...

Here is a nicer shot of Richard wearing his silly jangley hat!  After the result he now, according to the rules of football superstition, has to wear the hat to every game until we once again lose and its magic wears off.

It's so good to see the ground full to bursting.  It is a shame that we can't sell tickets in the far corner section as it does not have a safety certificate but a crowd of over 36,000 made for a brilliant atmosphere.  And there were another 9,000 back at Bramall Lane watching the live beamback on big screens so that's 47,000 plus watching a third division game live in Sheffield!!

You can see that the tension was building on the Kop just before kick-off - balloons at the ready!

And then at the end of the game - the far stand is emptying fast as the Blades fans leave but we stay to celebrate a tight 1-nil victory and applaud our team!

As we were leaving the ground Rich heard a TV presenter say to his cameraman - "get those 2 women".  He turned to see Kerry ducking away at speed leaving me (accomplished media hound that I am!!) standing in front of a camera being interviewed for my reaction to the game!!

We were only a couple of yards outside the ground so I was on a high, had only just finished singing and was giddy in the extreme.  I couldn't hear much of what was asked or what I replied due to the crowds of lads singing in my ear so I was very nervous about what I would look and sound like if my snippet was aired!

Well it was.  Look North have been showing my clip yesterday evening and most of this morning judging by the number of texts, emails and facebook msgs me and Rich have been getting!  I saw it in the pub last night at 7ish but couldn't hear what I said due to the general cheering (and pointing and laughing).  So I was very nervous by the 10.30pm repeat.  My moment of fame only lasted about 5 seconds but was a fulsome message of support for our manager, Gary Megson so I'm really chuffed about that!  I'm also pleased that they picked out the one coherent sentence from my excited babbling!

It topped off a lovely day to be honest.  And I'm also pleased to be able to support Gary Megson who is 100% an Owl and has been subject to nasty sacking rumours despite our being 3rd in the table!! You rarely get to have your say on telly so, however brief it was, I'm happy that I have.

I bet Richard is secretly dead jealous but he was also proud of me - I could tell by the little pats.... in between the sniggering that is....

What of the rest of the weekend?  Well, I was happy that I managed to heave myself out for a run on Saturday.  I had spent ages doing chores and showing someone round my old house and Rich had already started on some gardening - yes, wonders will never cease.  I was about to join him but he suggested I take the dogs out instead as it was getting late.  So I went for a proper run - a good hour of slow jogging including lots of hills.  It was perfect and we then settled down for a nice quiet night in in preparation for the big day on Sunday.

Sunday was a write-off drink wise but not too bad on the food front.   I just have to get back on track and keep up the fledgling exercise routine.  The rot has been stopped but I need to make actual progress now!  A run at lunchtime, dancing this evening and then the big re-start weigh-in tomorrow should help!

Come on Lesley - you can do it!!!!

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Ooh didn't know you were on TV! Would've watched. x