Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New time like the present...

Hey - do you remember when this was a diet and exercise blog?? Well, it is going to become one again. I am getting heartily sick of the woman who fannies around talking about dieting and exercise but doesn't actually commit to it. She is winding me right up!

I have put all the weight I lost last summer back on and, if I don't watch out, will add a bit more to that besides. My exercise regime has dropped off (not stopped but significantly declined) and I'm observing the SW regime ENTIRELY in the breach.

Last summer, when I was losing slowly and steadily, I was actually doing the diet (mostly). I cut back on bread, wine, cereals and cut out sweets and chocolates entirely. This was not difficult and I had the pleasure of seeing a steady drop in my weight. Since then I've had good weeks but more bad ones and have gradually reversed the drop. Now I have sweets from the table at work, bread or cereals for breakfast, wine with Richard a couple of times a week and we have just finished a box of Belgian chocs between us over 4 nights (not a big box but that's 3 chocs each per night). That, coupled with doing less exercise, is the difference.


No more.

And no using this horrendous cold/cough as an excuse. Feeling like death warmed up is no excuse for eating more and indiscriminately. One can always do SOME form of exercise.

If I want to drop 2 or 3 stone this year, I need to start RIGHT now. If I want to have any clothes which fit me come spring and summer, I need to start RIGHT NOW. 

So, my mini-target for today is:

No sweets, biscuits, chocolates or cake from the burgeoning table at work (or anywhere else) and no bread. One day at a time day at a time


Peridot said...

Good luck with resisting the snack table - it's a killer, isn't it? I know you can do it though.


Love Cat said...

I am totally with you. I cannot believe we are almost 2 months into 2012 and progress has been horrendous (speaking for myself there!)

Liking your attitude today. I need to take heed. x

Linz M said...

You can do it - I think we're both at a similar place at the moment so I shall be keeping tabs on you :)


Seren said...

You can do it - one day at a time, baby steps.

And thank you for your wise, wise comments to me the other day. You are an absolute inspiration - I have no doubt that you can quell your chimp and get back to being the exercise and diet champion you have proved yourself to be in the past.