Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 4 February 2011


Well, January was not the most successful month ever! I tried to get going but have not lost a single lb. In fact, I have gained, as at this, morning 2! I am NOT happy about this.

Reasons for miserable washout of January push to lose half a stone?

Too busy. Had something on every weekend, usually involving travelling (helloooo triggers!!) and food/drink based socialising. In the summer, socialising is often walks, salads etc. In the winter it’s sitting around chatting, eating and drinking….nightmare.

Not enough exercise. During the week when I could have been going to the gym or for a run, I chose to stay at home in my cave, probably because we have been away at the weekends. So my exercise has stuck at 2, maybe 3 times per week rather than the 5/6 I aim for.

Eating too much rubbish during the day. I haven’t been bad at home although there have been a few too many heavy, comfort food type meals and a few too many bottles of wine. But during the day I have allowed “extras” to become part of my everyday routine again. So a sandwich AND a cake or sausage roll at lunch. An extra piece of toast on top of my usual breakfast. A bar or something when I buy petrol. A snack on the train etc etc. Things which were rare treats have become almost daily occurrences.

This must stop. (Three Peaks Challenge a mere 5 months away – eeeeek!!)

But, true to form, what positives can I find?

The exercise has not been dropped entirely by any means, is coming back in the last couple of weeks and my need and desire to do it is clear. Richard is joining my gym (induction booked for next Tuesday so there is no escape) so that will help.

I have had a fairly stressful time recently. I feel that there is a lot going on in my head (money, divorce, work, health) and, although the weight thing hasn’t helped, I haven’t fallen into the “woe is me” depression of old. It is categorically NOT an issue for Richard so there is no additional pressure on me from that quarter.

I have weighed myself frequently and written my weight on my chart so there has been no hiding or denial. I’m still “on it” just not making any progress. (I sound like a football manager who is explaining that the players are playing good football just not getting the results….even though they’re not really playing good football….).

In conclusion – January was rubbish, always is rubbish and probably always will be. But I’m ready now and things are going to change.

Mini-targets anyone?
  • Swim at lunchtime (Friday)
  • No extras today (Friday)
  • Some form of exercise on Saturday. This will be tricky as I have a hospital appointment first thing, then back home, chores, football. Perhaps no drinking before the football so I can go for a run when I get back? Or maybe time for a run before I go to the footie? Gym shuts at 4pm on Saturdays so no good to me then.
  • We’re going for a long, hilly training walk on Sunday – Hurrah!
  • It’s Richard’s birthday on Monday so we’re off work and hoping to play golf but the weather is not looking good. It might have to be the gym, a short sharp hilly walk in the sleet or a run instead.

That’s enough to be getting on with. But at least I have a plan. Wish me luck.

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