Monday, 14 February 2011

Scale bothering and social engagement

To steal Peridot’s phrase, I’ve been doing a spot of scale-bothering myself recently. Having been good for a week or so, it was frustrating not to see any real change all of last week so I hopped on and off on the offchance that the scales would relent...yeah right…. I hovered within half a lb of the same weight ALL week. Grr. But, I did manage to stick to my guns, didn’t have a blow-out this weekend and did a fair bit of exercise too and, finally, I’ve been rewarded with a 2 lb drop this morning! This is unusual for me. I have consulted my chart and see that I tend to go up most Monday mornings. So, I’m very pleased but not complacent. The beauty of the chart is that I cannot fool myself with a one-off drop nor should I be too down-hearted if I go up temporarily. Trends are what counts.

I suspect that the fact that we didn’t go out on Saturday evening has something to do with it. We were invited to a wedding reception evening do locally which would probably have been a riotous evening. The couple and their friends tend to party hard. Generally we would be well up for that but Richard wasn’t feeling well and I was feeling tired and lazy. So, we bailed. No guilt as they’re not particularly close friends, it was a big do and only an evening invitation. And no regrets.

I would have liked to see her dress in the flesh as I’m sure it was spectacular but Facebook will be littered with pics soon. It would have been nice to see my mates and have a dance but that’s generally only fun if you’re in good form anyway and we weren’t.

As it was, we had a lovely evening in – light supper, no booze and a cuddle on the sofa in front of a mildly entertaining rom-com, his suggestion, not mine! (The film was “Valentines Day” in case you’re wondering. It’s a big-cast ensemble piece with a gazillion pretty actors and actresses all chirping away about love and marriage. The “goodies” all fall in love and find each other and the “baddies” slink off to their lonely fate, just as it should be...tee hee. A total rip-off of “Love, Actually” transported to LA with prettier, younger (and less competent) actors but with high smile-factor.) It was perfect.

In the past, the idea of spending a Saturday night in would have been a total and utter non-starter, especially if there was a big Valley function to go to. I would have dressed up, however tired and uninterested and stayed out ‘til the bitter end, probably driving or, if drinking, with the nagging worry about how we were going to get home. I would sometimes have ended up really enjoying myself, got through the tiredness and had a great night. But many times I would have gone through the motions and drunk my way into enjoyment. Who knows, maybe we missed a great night out but I know that I’m happy to have the choice. To be able to have a great night in too.

And our night in meant that we felt energised and rested on Sunday. Hence we went to the gym as I reported in my post yesterday.

We have a busy week coming up. Dancing this evening. An away football match in Tranmere tomorrow night. (I’m not a Wednesday Ultra by the way; wouldn’t usually go to an away match mid-week but this was a re-arranged match from Boxing Day.) Gym on Wednesday night. Across to my parents on Thursday for my Dad’s birthday on Friday. Then back on Friday evening for a surprise birthday party in Bamford. Then away to Birmingham City for Sheffield Wednesday’s big FA Cup tie (and exit from the Cup no doubt…) on Saturday before collapsing in a quivering heap on Sunday! Yikes….

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Peridot said...

How can anyone be prettier than Alan Rickman? Younger, maybe. But not with such a swoonsome voice.

Snuggling sounds great. And glad your scales are more compliant than mine.