Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 6 February 2011

A start (well, another start...)

Sometimes you need a bad spell to show you where you're going wrong and to sharpen your resolve. I feel much more focussed now and have a little time to be focussed too which helps.

On the mini-targets front, I did go for my swim on Friday and managed 50 pretty fast lengths and no biscuits in the office either (they were M&S cookies so the deprivation should give me extra points I think...). But I still felt fat and bloated which is sooo annoying. If you exercise you should get instant gratification in the form of at least feeling thinner??

I didn't manage to fit in any exercise on Saturday. I just had too much to do in the morning and by the time we got back from the football I felt knackered and we both just wanted to slump on the sofa. But food was not bad and no booze in the evening. Not baaad.

I'm glad I rested today because I feel so much more spritely. The extra couple of lbs have turned out to be TOTM water weight and I have lsot that horrible bloated feeling. I'm back baby....thank God.....

We went for a training walk up Lose Hill which was a bit of a bust really. It was sodden with mud after the deluge yesterday and very windy too. So, although we did a 90 minute steep up and down tramp, I wouldn't call it class A training or anything. Still, when we got back I took myself out for a 30 minute run and managed to persuade my chimp not to stick on the flat and to take in a few hills. I feel much better now as the run wasn't as painful as I anticipated.

I reckon combining running with swimming, gym and evermore gruelling hill walks should get me there both in terms of fitness for the Three Peaks and of losing some weight too. It will certainly be a lot easier to climb those mountains if I'm carrying less dead weight...

We're off to see Madness in Sheffield tonight - will probably burn off a few calories there too! Then a day off tomorrow and hopefully some exercise be it golf, walking or a run/gym session. It all depends on the blasted weather....

I'm back, definitely feel like I'm out of the January fog now....

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Peridot said...

Instant gratification? Oh yes, it's our moral RIGHT.

I've seen your hills - it's definitely Class A training!