Thursday, 10 February 2011

I’ve bemoaned before the fact that you can acquire a bad habit instantly and without any effort whatsoever but trying to cement a good habit into your lifestyle is like trying to nail down jelly. It remains the same and I remain frustrated by this….

But, I have been slightly better at the good habits, or at least resisting the bad ones.

On the bad habit front, I was hungry one morning last week and didn’t have anything in for breakfast (no milk, no bread, fruit not enough…) so, when I bought my morning cappuccino from McDonalds, I also bought a (low-fat – ha!) blueberry muffin. Not too bad for brekkie, no harm done. Trouble is, having done that once and with justification, my chimp now assumes that I will have a blueberry muffin every time I stop for my coffee or, if I don’t, with lunch instead!! I fell for this crooked thinking twice and thus was born the great “Blueberry Muffin Habit of February 2011” which looked set fair for a good run.

Fortunately I have managed to nip this in the bud. Yesterday I so nearly bought one at lunchtime but walked away and this morning, in McDonalds, the scene of the original crime, I agonised briefly before thinking “resist” and sticking to my capp. It was funny actually; just as I was thinking “resist” the nice lady from McD’s saw my face looking at the muffins and said “resist” to me!! I know she should be selling etc but she’s really friendly and sees me most mornings so helped me out there (although I WAS going to resist without her, honest…).

I also resisted all sweet stuff while walking round town today despite there being a great deal of temptation.

And, on the good habit front, went for a brisk walk around town in the first place and took the stairs too. So, small good habits are creeping in to replace the little bad ones. But I must stay vigilant as those pesky bad habits are out there lurking trying to latch on like a calorofic limpet if I weaken for a moment.

The next one to tackle is the curse of the new couple….drinking at home…. I am trying to cut back on the empty alcohol calories. I don’t mind the “night out” or “good glass of wine with nice meal” booze but could live without the casual bottle of beer/half bottle of wine here and there. Well, that’s the theory anyway. Last night though, despite having no intention of drinking, Rich just said “fancy a beer” and without thinking I said yes! Pathetic. Engage brain when there’s food or drink involved Lesley!!

And the other topic which has been exercising my attention recently is romance. Being a bear of very little brain the fact that Valentines Day is imminent has set me thinking. I’m not a sucker for expensive gifts: 2 dozen roses, chocs, over-priced meals out or other such formulaic rituals. I know some are and good luck to them. I prefer going out when and where we chose to; having romantic meals in from time to time; sending sweet or raunchy texts and all the other day-to-day nice gestures which show attention and love. But, and there’s always a “but” isn’t there, I can’t help but feel wistful about flowers.

I don’t mean big bunches on your birthday or on Valentines Day or the routine “I always buy her flowers on a Friday” bunch (which are great but somewhat lacking in imagination). I mean a pretty bunch of daffs or a mixed bouquet from the supermarket (or even the garage – much maligned these days…) bought for no particular reason other than they were thinking about you and given as a surprise…. In 41 years it’s never happened to me and I know I would love it. (That’s sad isn’t it? I’ll treat this as a public service to make you lucky women out there with romantic other halves feel even happier with your lot!!).

I blame the cynical tide of popular opinion that seems to have made it a “fact” that, if he buys you flowers out of the blue, he feels guilty for something!! Maybe this is true in some cases but surely not all. I also blame the essentially lazy menfolk out there who have seized on this “fact” as an excuse never to buy flowers.

And it’s frustrating ‘cos you can’t TELL him you’d like flowers as then it wouldn’t be spontaneous.

I’m just going to stick to my guns: carry on with the little gestures to show him I appreciate him; try to notice all the little things he does in the same vein; and only be a little wistful about the non-appearance of flowers.

What is your idea of romance??

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Seren said...

Oh, tell me about the drinking at home, absolute nightmare! We both really enjoy a glass of wine and of course, once the bottle is open you may as well finish it...

Spontaneous romance is the best sort, without a doubt. The most romantic thing I can ever remember D doing was sending me a card in the post (we were living together at the time so he could have just given it to me) which was a just-to-say-I-love-you kind of thing. Sooo much more romantic than the inevitable red hearts on Valentine's Day.

Having said that, I always like to have a little celebration on Valentine's Day as a mark of respect to my teenage self who never, ever thought she would have a boyfriend, let alone a fiance...

Have a lovely weekend, and resist those muffins :)