Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 20 March 2010

The vagaries of the scale.

I haven't got any spring like pictures yet! So, these are some wintry shots from Lincolnshire taken when I visited the parents a few weeks ago. It was stunning out on the heath in the early morning chill.

I always wonder what they're looking at that has then so engrossed... Is there some poor mouse cowering in a hole with 2 giant sniffy snouts terrorising him from above??

This is why they tell you not to weigh yourself every day. Because sometimes, despite being stellar foodwise, drinking sparkling water all night at the pub and going to the gym, you wake up, have a pee, rush down to the kitchen starkers (only place with a flat floor for the scales), step on the scales and are told that you've gained a lb! It's most disheartening. I know all the theory; that it's water, that you look at progress over time, there's no straight lines yada yada yada but seeing a hard fought lb ping back on is irritating.

I've decided however, that I'm going to use this slap in the face from the Scale of Doom as a force for good! Today was always going to be trying: busy morning, pub before football, straight on to another pub for the rugby. Now I have a reason to stick to my decision of yesterday that I was NOT going to loosen up even slightly to accommodate all this socialising. If I had lost weight this morning, I probably would have wavered, especially after an hour last night with Sammy telling me not to be silly and to have a drink blah blah blah but now I won't.

The Sammy thing took me right back to my days on Lighter Life. He is currently cutting back to lose weight he gained after stopping smoking. He isn't drinking during the week, is going to the gym and is cutting back on fatty foods etc. And of course it's working. But he still feels it's okay to tell me that "you don't need to diet, you're fine" etc etc because I said I was not drinking today. It's probably because he'll feel that he could do more in his diet if he sees me being restrained. He's watched me try to control my weight for years but still interprets everything as a competition. Men can be very obtuse. Anyway, we had a good chat last night apart from that so it was worth putting on make-up and drinking water all night!

So - must dash - have to fit in the gym (too rainy for the mountain bike unfortunately), the butchers, a visit to a friend just out of hospital, a shower and then off to the football by 12!! Oh, and breakfast/lunch!! Yikes!!


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

You are a busy lady! I can only imagine trying to adhere to a careful eating/drinking plan in pubs (beer, beer, and beer, plus mostly fried pub fare).

I wish you sounds like you've managed well before, so you can do it again!

Have fun!!!

PS Your photo from the other day of one of your dogs greeting you at the door with a purple bra in his/her mouth - too funny!

Peridot said...

It is BLOODY unfair but it is just SoD toying with your mind.

Peridot x

PS I still want copies of your longhorn cow (the ginger one for me!)

Anonymous said...

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