Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Hanging on in there

I'm still struggling to find time for everything I have to do and my diet has not been particularly stellar recently but I'm sticking it out, limiting the damage and enjoying life. I'm pleased that I've managed to go for 2 runs this week as well as my usual personal training sessions so exercise is better.

It's nice to be able to run after a long period of enforced abstention from it due to my foot injury. I'm still a little wary but haven't had any foot pain after my short trots so think I can start to up the distances gradually.

I've been out for 3 x 2.5 mile evening runs in the last week which is modest but a good start. Soon the evenings will be just light enough to vary my route off the main road and things will start to get more interesting.

I've been fighting the sense of being disappointed with myself recently though. I suppose I thought I had it pegged and then the lbs crept back on as has happened so often before. But it's silly to be disappointed. I need to fight that sense of inevitability and desire to cave (and eat) and keep on keeping on. (Not in a bad, doomladen kind of way - more of an appreciate your blessing kind of way.)

When I compare and contrast my attitude to life, food and exercise now with a few years ago I'm a different person, but the old habits do lurk somewhat so they're bound to re-surface from time to time.

Kill the disappointment - it doesn't do any good and get back to DOING!!

Anyway, that was all very disjointed but I just wanted to get some stream of consciousness stuff off my chest for now so that I can clear the decks and get back to being a bit more methodical about this endeavour....


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Congratulations on your runs, and being pain-free. Great job!

It can be surprising when old behaviours you think you've changed forever can start re-appearing. That has happened to me many times! To use your chimp theory, maybe you could liken it to trying to train her and do what you want her to do, yet some days no matter what you do, she still acts like a chimp.

Perhaps something HAS changed, and that is your ability to recognize what is going on when you go off track, and then starting again. The intervals for being off track are probably much shorter for you now, and you continued to exercise!

It sounds like you are looking ahead to "keep on keeping on". Isn't it great the days are getting longer? You'll be running off the main road in no time. :)

Debbie said...

I understand about old habits. I really enjoyed your blog. When you get off track just jump right back on. Good Luck