Wednesday, 17 March 2010


This pic has nothing whatsoever to do with bootcamp or my post but it amused me when D emailed it to me yesterday! He came home to find Minty proudly displaying her latest trophy! He asked me why I don't greet him in this way any more.... ;-)

I must admit to being a bit of a procrastinator. I'm gradually getting better at managing this tendency and mostly find myself able to limit the delay caused by the urge to procrastinate or to at least get something moving but it's a trait I have to fight constantly.

This has manifisted itself in my not getting to grips with losing weight since Christmas. I've delayed and delayed; done bits and pieces but not really got my teeth into it for far too long now. So, what am I left doing now?? Bootcamp - that's what!!

Not the pay hundreds of £s to be shouted at, starved and (if you're Kerry Katona) take cocaine and have an affair with the instructor type of Bootcamp but a cheaper, more immediate homemade version. D left for the rig this morning and I have marked off a chart covering the next 4 weeks in my kitchen. I will weigh every morning (as I did this morning - the pain of it!!) and I will mark it up on the chart along with what exercise I do each day and a smiley or frowny face for the day before indicating whether I stuck to my task or fell from grace. The chart was one of the tools Steve Peters had us use when I was doing the TV show last year along with the weighing and public accountability. I already feel determined and happy that I've made a proper start.

I've also cleared my social diary. I didn't do this when I did Lighter Life but then I was on that regime for 10 months so couldn't cut myself off for that whole time. This time, it's only 4 weeks and, although I'm still going to go out, I'm not going to drink or eat excessively in that time. If I have to miss a meal or a drinking session with my pals then so be it. I have prioritised me for this period of time and am happy with that decision.

I'm also using Steve Peter's other technique of publicly stating that I wont be eating/drinking in advance of an event so as to "shame" my chimp into sticking to what I've chosen to do. I made a start with this by emailing Jim about the football on Saturday and making it clear that I won't be drinking or having my usual steak sandwich and saying to Sammy that I'll drive after watching the rugby on Saturday evening. It's a lot simpler this way rather than constantly being caught between dieting and having a good time. Now it's clear what I'm doing and if I have a good time (sober and hungry!) then it's a bonus!!

I'll report the losses whenever I post but not the actual weight until the end...don't know why but that's just my instinct at the moment. Wish me luck....


Claire said...

Good luck matey! You'll be fine. You amaze me with your energy when you get going.

Peridot said...

That sounds laudibly hard core and I am sure will pay off big time. Or rather, small time! Go, Lesley, go, go, go!

Peridot x

PS Love Minty and her lingerie toy! Hope it wasn't a Rigby and Peller or similar....

Amber said...

Best of luck! :)