Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Things work out (including me...)

I had forgotten about these pics from my bad mo-fo mountain bike ride a few weeks ago. This was the one where I really struggled up the hills and decided I had to commit to Bootcamp!!

It was far too gorgeous for the gut-wrenching physical effort I was expending. Simply stunning
Don't let this pic fool you that Vicky was behind me - she had cycled ahead to check we were going the right way!! The shame!!

There - that's more like it. She was like Minty running ahead and then waiting for me with a slightly puzzled look on her face. Until the downhills of course - I own those!! But unfortunately can't prove it as it's far too dangerous and knackering to take pics on the rocky downhill stretches.

Am I smiling or grimacing?? You decide.

I'm really chuffed about getting a decent loss this morning. I knew I had been dedicated over the last week so was disappointed with a measley and recalcitrant loss. I know I shouldn't be too focussed on the scale but I had FELT bloated too so it was disheartening.
So, now I have a bit of faith in my body and am reminded that if I stick to my guns I will be rewarded.

Today was to have been very busy: an early morning meeting; rushing to a dental appointment at lunchtime; coming back for another meeting; then french. This meant that I had to cancel personal training first thing, couldn't manage a swim at lunchtime and would be home too late in the evening to go for a run or the gym. Aaaaargh. But then, the dental appointment was brought forward so I had time for a healthy lunch and my french teacher rang to cancel so I could go to the gym or for a run in the evening. Circumstances working in my favour for a change.

I feel really committed to this effort now and can only attribute this sense of commitment to my chart. It could be the threat of the TV show I suppose but I don't think so. To be honest, I had sort of said to myself that I would only do the show if I felt like it and would not be pressurized into anything I didn't want to do. No, I feel that the semi-public nature of the commitment (the chart is stuck to my kitchen cabinet) is a reminder of what it's all about - accountability, steady progress, commitment. The visual effect is striking too - red if I have gained, green if I have lost or maintained. It's nice to see a sea of green with only intermittment red blots. My chimp is coming nicely into line.

But, I must guard against complacency. I remember from the TV show filming last year that there tended to be a pattern - I would do well then get complacent and either gain or stop losing for a while, all the time kidding myself that I was still on track. Hopefully the chart will prevent this kidology, that and the fact that I'm ready for everything my chimp can throw at me.

Anyway, I've been to the gym this evening and had a decent work out. Every month we have a different competition on the rowing machine. Last month's was 5,000m which was an absolute pain. I really didn't want to sit down to the machine because I knew it would be over 20 minutes of hell. I stood there for so long that eventually a woman who goes to the same personal trainer as me made a comment about me taking root and I had to sit down. It's embarrassing really though as I push myself to the absolute limit and end up drenched in sweat, panting and wailing with exhaustion. I don't seem to have a moderate, non-competitive mode when it comes to rowing! Anyway, I won last month's challenge with a time of 21 minutes 38.1 seconds, having been second to Kerry in December and January so progress is being made.

This month it is a short 500m sprint. I'm not a natural sprinter but it's not as daunting because you know the pain will last less than 2 minutes. In previous months I've been rather blase, doing the challenge at the end of my workout, not pacing myself properly and only really pushing towards the end when I know I have it in me. So this month I was determined to give it everything. I did a steady 15 minute warm up as specified by the British Cycling team no less. You start slow and build gradually until, right at the end of your warm up, you're at peak effort. Then I cooled down with some stretches and then hit the Ergo.

I went full blast from the outset, thinking that 500m is not far really and it would be over in the blink of an eye. It bloody is far and it wasn't!! It felt like an aeon. I was every bit as sweaty, knackered and embarrassed as I had been after the 5,000m. Still sweaty and panting and wimpering out loud. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I could not have gone any quicker though as I was dying on the last couple of pulls - I never would have thought that 15m could last so long!! BUT - I'm in the lead. The winner of December and January, Kerry, had posted 1 minute 50.8 seconds and I came in at 1 minute 47.6 seconds so a handsome lead. If she is motivated to try again and beats my time so I have to do it again, I think I will cry. Fingers crossed for me please.

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