Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A start

It's a relief to want to post again. When I am avoiding things, I tend to hide away a bit and that includes hiding away from the blog world too. Anyway, the weekend's mega bike ride and the soul-searching that entailed, combined with my posting last night has seemed to unlock something. In any event I managed to work through my resistance to going swimming this lunchtime and dragged my sorry carcass unwillingly the short walk to the lovely modern pool only minutes from my office.

Really, from my attitude to going swimming over the last few weeks you'd think I was being dragged to a freezing ditch and made to swim through slurry or something!

Anyway, I broke the spell and managed 44 lengths which is not as far as I was doing a few months ago (I briefly got up to 60 lengths but average around 50-54). It would have been more I'm sure but the pool was busy and the numpties in the so-called "fast" lane were anything but. I was the only person swimming front crawl so found myself out of synch with the prevailing speed. There's enough room to overtake but then you have to sprint and it all gets splashy and tiring. If people were just polite and let you on if you're obviously swimming faster than them, you could keep up a better rhythym and churn out more lengths!!

Grrrr. There was one woman in a pink bikini who didn't seem to be able to swim properly at all so should NOT have been in the fast lane - several people asked the attendant to get her to move but to no avail. What is the point of having lanes if they're going to do nothing??

Anyway rant over - I made it there and swam. Things are getting back on track.


Peridot said...

No-one wearing a bikini (pink or otherwise) is wearing it to swim in. Especially not in a public pool. Good for you for getting back on track - your tracks are always superhighways to success so stick with it!

Peridot x

Badger said...

I'm so with you on the dragging myself to the pool front. It's 5 mins from the office and warm inside but it's the thought of getting in the cool water on a cold day that puts me off. And the horrible sticky feeling afterwards when I'm wrestling with my twisted tights to get them back on isn't appealing either.
I hear you on that fast-slow thing too - I feel like I'm not working hard enough if I'm stuck behind someone but then I'm exhausted and gasping if I overtake!
I always feel great and slightly smug on my return to the office though which is totally worth it ;)

Amber said...

A definite NO to pool swimming in such weather conditions even if inside! lol.


Isabelle said...

44 lengths!!!! Well done!

Amber said...

Oh, don't avoid us, post post post! Blogging is the second best way to rant and vent til you feel good! The first one being with a good friend in your fav coffee shop but that involves calories so let's not mention it. ha!

Amber. x