Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Slow Cooker!

For ages now loads of people have been mentioning their Crock Pots or slow cookers and saying how nice they are and healthy etc. I used to have one but haven't seen it for years (must have been given away before the last move due to lack of interest).

Anyway, I purchased one online in the sales and it arrived yesterday! So this morning I loaded it up and turned it on. Didn't use a recipe or anything and it was a slightly weird combination of ingredients - mutton, leek, onion and stock. When I arrived home this evening after french the house smelt gorgeous, so inviting and tasty! It must have been driving the dogs nuts!

I see the attraction. The food was tasty, although I'm sure with a bit more effort it could be better. But what was even better was the removal of temptation. When I get home I'm usually hungry and my willpower is at a low ebb so having a healthy low calorie meal just sitting there removes the possibility of giving in to something unhealthy and calorific. The speed of preparation was great - just boil up some veggies and it's ready!

So, just a few decades after everyone else, I'm a slow cooker convert!

Right - I'm going to try the "3 things to be grateful for" thing being followed by Peridot and Beth:

1. Delicious slow cooked supper tonight
2. French was fun and I did all my homework for a change.
3. Picked up 7 ironed shirts from the pub this evening - one of the barmaids has started up an ironing service - only 90p each and no ironing D's shirts or rows about not ironing! Bliss... okay, I'm easily pleased.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I may look at getting a crock pot too...sounds so easy!

I googled "belted galloways" after reading your post the other day...I used to see three of those cows everytime I went to a certain beach in Nova Scotia, Canada (I'd pass some farms to get there). I used to marvel at their design, so much so, I took a picture of them! (It was before the days of digital cameras, otherwise I'd send it to you.)

Last time I went there (2 years ago), the cows were gone. I guess they became beef.

Sorry to have rattled on about the cows...but I never knew they had a specific name!

Bon fin de semaine, ma belle!

Claire said...

I love my slow cooker! I have just ordered a book 'Make it fast, cook it slow' full of slow cooker receipes. They are also all gluten free so perfect for me! Of course I'm not exactly eating yet but will have fun when I do!