Sunday, 10 January 2010

2 steps forward, 1 back

This is the point near the top of Win Hill where I was beginning to wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew!

It looks gorgeous but there were biting cross winds and the snow was getting deeper and deeper. The one set of footprints I had been following turned round here but I thought I should be able to make the 200 yards or so to the trees....

Erm, no - I couldn't! It was too deep and too cold. Chest high drifts are not a good idea when you're on your own!

The dogs didn't seem too bothered but they must have been cold with all that ice sticking to their fur.

Shelagh fixed me with a baleful glare...

So we turned around and sent towards the sheltered side of the hill. Saw a few boarders glide past...

And asked them to take a couple of pictures which he did very well I think - I felt guilty as he had to take off gloves and strappings and all sorts!! And Minty barked at him a lot (I think she's still barking in this shot).

The apricot sunshine was heavenly, reflecting off the icy crust on top of the snow.

Shelagh (bizarrely) likes to bury the snow!

I've always loved this field for some reason. It is long and thin and sort of U-shaped and curves round like a wedge leading into the hamlet of Aston. Minty was sulking here because she ice in her paws.

The view back up towards Win Hill just as the sun came through the cloud.

The icy lane from Aston to Thornhill.

Snow squeezed through the hedge making weird and wonderful shapes on the side of the lane.

The village of Bamford tucked under Bamford Edge in the last few rays of pinky sunshine. I love the way that side of the hill catches the light.

I seem to be able to have 4 or 5 good days but only need one poor one to see a setback on the scales. The injustice of life, rail rail rail....

Anyway, that's not strictly true - there's nothing unjust about a setback on the scales when you have a day like I did yesterday! Not terrible but not great on the eating front by any means. First up, I had an offer to go to the gym early with Vicky and Simon but I had already half arranged to meet my friend and her 2 lads to go sledging. In the event though the friend let me down on a rather skimpy excuse by which time it was too late to join them at the gym. But I could still have gone by myself eh??

So, with an empty day ahead, I knew I had to be on my guard as quiet days have been serious triggers for me in the past. In one way I was. I got on with chores and cleaning, did my shopping and then was struggling with the desire to sit down and do sod all. But I didn't, I put on half a ton of warm clothes and headed up Win Hill.
What a fantastic walk. I had intended to go to the top if possible but I had to turn around 2/3rds of the way up due to icy side winds and chest high snow drifts. I was on my own with the dogs so couldn't take silly risks. The other side of the hill was more sheltered though, a few snow boarders snaking down the hillside and beautiful views of the evening sunshine. Walking back along a farm track was amazing: the snow had pushed through the hedge into fantastic sculpted shapes and there were icicles encrusting every wall.
It was a real tonic and put paid to my desire to sit around but it also encouraged me to eat too much. I didn't graze-eat or anything but just had too much for my meals. I used the fresh air and exercise as an excuse to have bigger, carb-filled meals rather than the smaller, healthier meals I had had planned.

So, I'll learn from that today. I went to the gym first thing with Vicky and will take the dogs out in a bit but I'm definitely not going to have big plates full today! I don't want to undo my good work from last week!

I wonder sometimes if all this focus on my fitness and weight means that I avoid thinking about other stuff or working towards other goals. I have found myself having a few long chats in the pub about serious topics but I feel more interested in the here and now. One of my pals was saying how, if he had the dosh, he'd move from Bamford down to Cornwall like a shot; that he was bored with his life. It seemed wrong to me. So easy to put off working towards what you want by waiting for mythical day when you "have enough dosh". It's not going to just happen is it??

So that set me thinking about what big goals I might want to work towards. I have already identified my New Years resolution type goals but think it would be helpful if I knew where I want to be in the medium to long term. I mean, what is the point of all this organisation and fitness if I'm not achieving the big goals? I don't want to be like my older pal from the pub, in his late 60's and feeling like he's missed out somehow.

So, time for some serious thinking. I have a few ideas but that's as far as it goes.

Honestly, do these chaps think what they're putting me through when they decide to unburden themselves to their pal in the local after a few pints!? They go home to the wife all happy and relaxed having talked themselves out and I spend the next few days all thoughtful and unsettled!!


Claire said...

You only figure out what you want by thinking a bit deeply. Then you make it happen.

That's my plan anyway!

rachel said...

First a great walk with wonderful deep-snow pictures for us city folk, and now some deep thought... Can't wait for it to develop into a Plan!

Peridot said...

You are clearly a bit of a local agony aunt! I hope they at least buy you a drink....

Wonderful photos - I can't tell you how much I wish I were there with you to do snowy, doggy walks. It's mostly slippy ice round here which is NOT fun.

Peridot x