Saturday, 30 January 2010

Lovely day

The gorgeous village of Edale nestling in the shelter of Kinder Scout.

Frozen water everywhere, footpaths, fields everywhere - it was very cold!

Has anyne any idea what type of ducks these are? They were quite big, taller than normal ducks. Gressingham??

The weather was simply stunning today, blue sky and sunshine all day, hardly a cloud in the sky. Freezing of course but that's no bad thing.

I was in the pub last night and suggested a mountain bike ride to Vicky who said that she was too busy but luckily I persevered and suggested that we go out early for a quick ride, put a bit of pressure on. She eventually agreed so we were out before 9am in the freezing cold for a short sharp shock to the system. It was marvellous. Really cold on the old lungs , pedalling over solid ice in places and into the occasional frigid headwind but utterly beautiful and uplifting.

We were out for around an hour and a half , it was a not terribly hilly route but not easy either, definitely a good start. We both felt really buzzy and positive afterwards.

A nice healthy brunch followed by a 5 mile walk around Edale with D and then a film in front of the fire with tired doggies. In other words a lovely day.

Now, though, I have to get myself ready for a big night out in town with "the girls"! Not the usual staid(ish), sensible(ish) heading for middle age pals but the nutso, drinky twenty/thirty-something pals from the village! It's a bit scary to be honest. Although I've been friends with this lot for years, it's been more a casual pub-based friendship so haven't been invited on their occasional sorties into Sheffield. Don't know what changed but now I have. Wish me luck!!


Claire said...

Good Lord you are active! You put me to shame!

I haven't mentioned this before but your photo's are amazing. xxx

Peridot said...

They are Indian Runner Ducks - they're very funny as they don't really waddle as much as whizz along at speed (admittedly in a waddly way).

Frozen footpaths are good - we did a walk that took an extra hour yesterday because we were literally slithering through mud. We barely got back before dark and it's only luck that stopped us getting hurt.

Peridot x

PS You probably know this, but my mum mentioned that you put vaseline on dogs - and horses - feathers to stop snow and ice balls forming on them. Remembered this was an issue for Shelagh and Minty in the snow...

Hua said...

Your photos are amazing. I'm loving the blue sky and sunshine.

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