Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 16 January 2010

10 things which make me happy

  1. Having my family all in one place (and by family in this context I mean the small version of me, Diarmuid, Shelagh and Minty). D got back from the rig yesterday and it has been lovely to have him home this morning - just pottering around (sleeping mostly as he's tired out), I went to the gym, he slept; having brunch together; mucking around with the dogs; him outside in the rain taking down Christmas lights (yes, those blokes are handy for some things!) me doing paperwork and blogging. Nothing special but it makes me happy!

  2. My camera. I love taking it out when I go for a walk. I love the sound of the shutter; such a satisfying schwliiirp. No doubt a team of crack japanese scientists and focus group marketeers spent months perfecting it and, let me assure you, it was worth every penny. I love uploading the pics and poring over them; picking the ones to resize, crop, photoshop and publish on facebook and my blog. I love flicking through my online albums and emailing pics to my pals. I love making calendars for the family, loading up Mum and Dad's digital photo album with pictures of their family. Yes, it's safe to say that my camera makes me happy.

  3. Facebook. Yes, I know, a bit controversial but bear with me! I don't like it for all the stupid time-eating games and mind-numbing status changes. But it does make me happy that I'm in touch with several old friends who, if we're being honest here, I might have lost touch with. People who you love but have drifted away from due to distance and time. And my nieces, cousins, sister-in-law and sister. We all live so far apart and are typically busy that the old methods of communication leave huge gaps. I know the big things in their lives but not the little day to day stuff; not the boyfriends, concerts, holidays etc. Now I know who their friends are, see their pics and feel part of their lives. It's great.

  4. Dogs. Not just my 2 but dogs in general. They're great. Funny, cute, friendly, loving and eternally loyal. My 2 of course are way more than that but I'm biased. As I type D is feeding them choccy drops before heading up to the pub - they are assiduously giving the paw, staying, rolling over, sitting and pleading with their big beautiful eyes for more....sooo sweet, sooo manipulative...

  5. I love it when things come together. Little snippets of information, factettes. I love that feeling of understanding something. Putting 2 and 2 together. When something you've read somewhere pops up again in a song or on the news. When a name suddenly makes sense. When I hear a story about why something is the way it is. Knowing the answer. I guess I'm just a big wannabe know it all!!

  6. Foootball. I'd love to say that Sheffield Wednesday makes me happy but I doubt that'll happen for some time. But football is great. The whole ritual of going to games, the pub beforehand, the friends, the feeling that people have been going to Hillsborough for over 100 years. The crowd, the sons, the band, the swearing, the shouting, the jumping up and down and hugging total strangers, the humour. Travelling to new places, visiting different cities, pubs and grounds. Having something to worry about on a Saturday afternoon, Final Score, always having something to say to people in the pub or watch on the news. The facts and figures, the televised games. I love it all and it makes me happy.

  7. Walks in the countryside. Don't really mind where we are, fresh air, views, dogs (preferably) and maybe a camera, exercise, company or alonetime, time to chat or to think. Animals, birds, trees and flowers.

  8. Got to nick another one off Peridot I'm afraid - real fires. Whether in our living room, a cosy country pub or out camping. Flickering flames are the way to go - comforting, relaxing and romantic.

  9. Cooking for people. I'm not a fancy cook but I like producing meals or even snacks for my friends and family. I really enjoyed cooking my 2 Christmas dinners this year, having loads of people sitting round a table tucking into a meal I've prepared. It's very satisfying. I get the same feeling rustling up a pile of bacon sandwiches for a group of hungover mates as I do making supper for me and D or a barbeque with family or making a pitcher of Pimms.

  10. Having a local pub. A simple pleasure but sometimes you gotta go where everybody knows your name, where they're always glad you came.....(sorry, cheesy but true, and that's where I'm going now!!)


Rachel Nixon said...

Hey there Les! Lovely to read your blog- had no idea you were doing one, you secretive Scorpio!! What an amazing thing you've acheived, and I'm ashamed to say that I haven't seen you in your ultra-skinny incarnation yet!

BTW- loving your photos of the snow, I hardly saw it as I've been stuck inside unable to walk- truly stunning. I'm at the same stage with a new Canon EOS camera, so I'll let you know if I find any good short-cuts in- thinking of asking my lovely sis for a tutorial as she's a photographer...

See you soon lovely


Anonymous said...

I have a coincidence!I too like Dogs,Flames,Countrysides,Cooking and camera.My family makes me more happy.

Anonymous said...

I have a coincidence!I too like Dogs,Flames,Countrysides,Cooking and camera.My family makes me more happy.Very Nice blog and a satisfying list.

Peridot said...

I enjoyed your list - and empathised immensely with the dogs begging for chocoalte (I too am prepared to roll over, look beseeching etc for chocolate but sadly don't have big beautiful eyes!).

Peridot x