Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Year's Eve and Resolutions

Oh yes - it really looks as though we're heading off to a stylish evening!!

He-Man and Worzle Gummidge...

No, I don't know why Vicky was wearing a Pink Lady outfit either - a fifties costume from a 70's film....still, she liked it and she looked cute!

Dig those shoulder pads!!

The fancy dress winner (male) - a Rubiks Cube - good effort I think.

And then things started to go downhill. I've no idea who was taking the pics or what we were dancing to but we were having a good time....

I was doing so well between Christmas and New Year - going to the gym, biking, walking, cutting back on food. I lost all the Christmas pud I'd gained and was feeling pretty smug about it. 5 lbs off and fit to boot!

Erm, then I went to New Year's Eve party at the Anglers and it all went wrong!!

As you can see (I hope), it was an 80's fancy dress night so I found a fantastic Dynasty style canary yellow power dress. All shoulder pads, peplum skirt, hideous jewelry, lacy tights and fingerless gloves. It really took me back. Anyway, much champagne was drunk and much diet coke and really was a good night. I eventually ended up walking home across the Rec at about 3am!! So, the next couple of days were a lazy blur of couch, rubbish TV and grazing indiscriminately. And this morning 4lbs back on!!

Hey ho. I'm not remotely cheesed off as I've had a good time and if I hadn't been good between Christmas and New Year, God know how bad the damage would have been!

Today was stellar at least. I went to the gym with Vicky and really pushed hard. I made myself do all the exercises which make me curse Huw when he makes me do them. How virtuous is that?! When we'd done there, it was just gorgeous outside, a beautiful blue sky and thick, thick snow. So we went straight out onto Bamford Edge for a proper tramp.

The snow was amazing. A good foot deep in places and occasionally even deeper than that. At once point, we were crossing a heathery dip and kept falling through the snow up to our waists!! It was fantastic. I haven't enjoyed a walk as much for a long time. Anyway, when I've doctored the pics I'll post a selection. It really was special.

So, it's back to work tomorrow. I'm neither looking forward to it nor dreading it, just ready to go I suppose. The dogs won't be happy not to have me at their constant bec and call! Once I'm back in the saddle I'll knuckle down to my New Year's resolutions....quite looking forward to a bit of soul searching again....

Well, I hope you all have a good return to work tomorrow if that's what you're up to. Happy New Year!!!!


Peridot said...

Snowy pics - yes please but pics of you resplendent in yellow 80s gear - ESSENTIAL!

Well done for embracing positive action as ever.

Peridot x

rachel said...

Great dress! Aren't you dreading the promised 80s revival?

Peridot said...

Okay, you've cunningly amended this since I posted - great pics, and you're definitely the most stylish of the group. Can see you had a great time, ha ha ha!


Isabelle said...

Happy New Year! What a lot of snow you had!