Tuesday, 11 August 2009

When will I grow up??

A few pics from our holiday(absolutely nothing to do with the post below!):

I loved all the traditional yachts. I'm sure there were more this year than when we were last on the Broads in 1992. It could be tricky to navigate past them though as they have right of way and when they're tacking wildly across backwards and forwards the river, timing can be tricky!

A lovely family of swans. the parents seemed so caring and solicitous. This mother carefully shepherded her massive family of 9 sygnets (the bigest clutch we saw) round several cruisers without mishap.

A Great Crested Grebe and its chick. It was a windy day so he or she was having a "bad crest day"!

D and his faithful co-pilot. Shelagh sat up on that bench next to him for hours.

The beautiful and very exclusive/expensive looking village of Irstead. I had a serious case of property envy here...

Minty didn't take her co-piloting duties very seriously and was too easily distracted by swallows, other boats or whatever I was doing. Tut tut.
Sometimes the sky-scapes were just gorgeous, even on a dullish day.

Hi again. When I'm in the process of re-asserting a routine, I find it helpful to post often. It keeps me thinking about what I'm doing; uses up time when I might otherwise be eating; and reminds me about all the benefits of getting and staying slim. So you'll have to put up with me a bit more than usual over the next week or so!!

I went shopping today during my lunch hour. I just wanted to find some intermediate summer/autumn clothes as I'm a bit short of jeans and t-shirt type gear, especially now that the football season is back upon us (bliss bliss bliss). I was swooshed back to my 1980's youth by a trip to Dotty P's. It's all skinny jeans in black and grey and rock chick print tops with pink, purple and royal blue accents!
But then I started to worry whether I'm too old for Dorothy Perkins? At 39 should I be acquiring discreetly expensive classics from Hobbs and Boden to go with my frosty, expensively highlighted hair and statement jewelry? Seeing as I have neither a frosty blonde bob nor expensive watch, I think I'll have to put off the fateful day when I sneak into the posh (old?!) bits of House of Fraser and buy some tailored wool trousers (possibly lined...) to go with an elegant cashmere sweater. Eeeek. That surely won't be me? But then surely I can't go around wearing punky rock chick printed t's with skinny jeans forever? It'll have to come one day.

Maybe I'll never be smart and grown up. Maybe I'll just morph from High Street teen/20's stuff straight into the country set outdoorsy stuff. Whatever happen I'll always have to find something acceptable to wear to the football; I can't see myself settling for a sensible anorak and no-name trainers! What a snob I am.

Anyway, my trip to Dotty P's reminded me how much fun I had losing weight the first time back in 2007. Then I was on Lighter Life and the lbs were dropping off me so fast that I'd go from size to size within 4 or 5 weeks. I only ever bought seasonal, cheap clothes as they wouldn't fit me in a few brief weeks' time. How confident I was then. I've acquired the habit now of buying cheap, disposable fashion and, slightly shame-facedly, I really like it. Today it was black skinny jeans, silver/grey (fake) snakeskin ballet pumps, 4 asymmetric or fitted long length t-shirts with a variety of prints or patterns. I feel young and flighty in this stuff; not staid and sensible.

I also thought that I looked quite slinky until I got back to work, checked out some rubbishy celeb website while eating my sushi and saw a picture of Anna Friel also wearing skinny black jeans. Yikes - her legs look like sticks!! Is that what we're supposed to look like in skinny jeans?? If so, I'm definitely not making the grade. Aaaah, who cares?! I like legs with some shape - I'm confident that there will NEVER be a gap between the tops of my thighs and I'm okay with that! I may have chunky knees but who's looking at my knees?

Maybe that's the answer - I'll wear trashy teenager clothes until they stop making me happy. Now, just off to hang up a poster of Daniel Craig and finish off the "Are we compatible?" multi-choice quiz in Jackie!!


Mrs said...

Keep blogging. It's perfect! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Claire said...

Ah Jackie...the memories...

Claire xxx

Peridot said...

Yay! More posts!

The football season is back? Actually surely it's only NOT the football season from 3.10am - 3.15am on a wet Wednesday night/early morning. Sigh.

I wasn't allowed to read Jackie - it was "inappropriate" for me, I had to get Girl and Tracey instead!

Peridot x

PS You look AMAZING in the wedding shots. As does the bride.