Saturday, 1 August 2009

1 August - time for end of Lainey's challenge results.

Well, I didn't quite make the stone as I have stayed stubbornly the same for the last week or so but this morning am 13 stone 1lb (have wavered up then down over the last few days but can't quite break that barrier!). So that is 11 lbs off which makes me very very happy.

My next challenge is to drop half a stone before we go on holiday in September. This is quite a generous target as the deadline is over a month away but we do have various social events (a weddings, parties and football excursions etc) and a few days on holiday in the Norfolk Broads during that time so I'm not going to push my luck.

The official challenge is for me to be 12 stone 7 or under by 11 September!

And then, looking into the distance there'll just be the last stone to drop. Wow, it all seems quite manageable now. The proof of this pudding will be in the not-eating and the hitting of that first target.

Wish me luck!!


rachel said...

My first serious read, and having gone back to the beginning for a few weeks' worth, I am SO impressed! You look and sound so different, and so vibrant. Well done you - no need to say "keep it up" because you will.

Peridot said...

Sounds pretty damn good to me - congratulations you really earnt it.

Peridot x

Claire said...

Great! You beat me by a lot - I only managed 8 and some of them are not going to stay off once I eat a potato!