Thursday, 27 August 2009

More fame....did you feel like this Shauna??

Just noticed that we are on the Sky website too:

A slightly better pic than the one in the Sky mag although Kathryn who is the one in the front would not agree!!

It is making it very real now. I'm glad we're off on holiday so I don't have to worry about it until nearer the time. Of course I will miss the only genuine perk of doing the show (apart from free access to a world renowned psychiatrist and Olympic standard cycling and fitness trainers of course!!) which is an all-expenses trip to London to do the Skyride on 20th September. The other women will be up on the platform doing the warm up routine in front of thousands of cyclists taking part in the race on the Mall. Sounds like fun.

I think Botswana will be better though (tee hee).

It's only now beginning to hit me that loads of people who I hardly know are going to see me on the telly and feel free to make judgements about me based on how a bunch of TV execs decided to cut my footage. feel s alittle precarious to be honest. But I'm not going to worry about's about what I got out of the show, not what I look like on the, really.........


Shauna said...

Check you giving the camera a saucy smile! Hehehheeh :)

Claire said...

Oh my god tis you! How exciting! xxx

Lyn said...

That is really cool! Congrats, hope the fame brings you joy :)