Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 14 August 2009

Resistance is futile...

Stunning Great Crested Grebe.

The Windmill of cormorants. Don't know why but it was the only windmill we saw covered in them...a bit spooky really.

See, definitely cormorants...

It pains me to admit it but D caught this shot....gnashing of teeth....
And this one......

St Benet's Abbey, or rather the ruins thereof which were then turned intoa a windmill - they're very keen on windmills in Norfolk!

Yesterday I was moaning about all the temptation littering my office...whinge whinge whinge. Well today I have proved that resistance is NOT futile. When your head is in the right place, it's not even that difficult. That's not to say that it's not a killer sometimes but, at the moment, I'm feeling up the task of cheerfully refusing food which I don't want and don't need!!

I had my usual sensible breakfast and then drove to work. On arrival the team who sit next to me had already ordered Friday morning breakfast butties. They did offer to put in a late order for me but I declined. Then, when the sandwiches arrived, they found an extra one mistakenly added to the order. And what was it? Only my favourite, bacon and egg with tomato sauce!! Going free. Hot and perfectly cooked. I wavered, I thought about taking it or sharing it with a colleague and then smiled wryly at my chimp who was jumping up and down and grabbing for the sandwich and said "no thanks".

Then the bunch of gits started trying to persuade me....actually chanting and wheedling, saying they would have half, showing me how lovely the sandwiches are from that shop....going on and on about it. (As an aside, can you imagine anyone doing that sort of thing to a recovering alcoholic or drug addict in rehab or someone who had just given up smoking??? But it's okay if it's food and it surrounds us every day of our lives....sigh)

But no - I stood firm and actually felt good about it. I think the key was making the decision promptly and firmly. Not fannying around and thinking about it. No internal bargaining about I'll have this and then no lunch etc etc, just said no and stuck to it. It also helped that I'd posted last night about focussing on losing weight before our hols and then had stood on the scales this morning to see the exact same weight, yet again! So, blogging, accountability and decisiveness all help in the resistance armoury.

Since then I've been a diet ninja, brushing aside the assassin highkicks of sweets, biscuits, cake. I also gave myself no excuse to avoid exercise like I did last night. I had a hair appointment this evening after work and knew that I wouldn't want to ruin the "just done" look by sweating and showering afterwards so anticipated this excuse and planned to go to the gym at lunchtime. I might still have stumbled as I was in a meeting immediately before lunch which dragged on, but no. I made my excuses and rushed off to the gym for Body Attack. It was knackering! High impact, old-fashioned aerobics with intricate routines and lots of running and jumping. I loved it!! I was not so keen on the 15 minutes of abdominals but hopefully this torture will result in a flat, toned tum in a few weeks!!

Stopped for lunch in the cafe afterwards and was pleasantly surprised to see a decent selection of salads - this is Rotherham remember, the town that lettuce forgot - so picked a tuna/sweetcorn (no mayo) salad. Then had to turn ninja again when it arrived accompanied by a lovely fluffy white roll and butter. Die roll, die!!

I did, however, give in to a Club Orange biscuit after giving blood this afternoon!! Well, a girl can only be so good - having a choccie biccie is surely the law after giving blood!!!

Putting it in context, I know that one good day will not, on its own, melt the fat from my frame but it's a move in the right direction. It gives me faith that I can do it and still have fun. Have a great weekend everyone - and remember, food isn't everything!!


Peridot said...

Haven't actually read this post yet but wanted to drop you a quick line - got bf to look at your bird photos and he reckons it's a male marsh harrier! He's quite good at birds. Of the feathered variety!

Peridot x

Peridot said...

Okay, NOW I've read it. And just LOVE the diet ninja image! Well done though, that sandwich would have taken some turning down so I'm very impressed. I'm thinking of you as a kind of Charlies' Angels style ninja....

Peridot x