Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 31 August 2009

Style Council

Knowing that blog readers are paragons of style and taste (he he he) I thought I would set you a challenge. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. It's a traditional English country wedding - village church followed by posh hotel near Harrogate. I will be attending alone as D is on the rig and I want to look good and do lots of dancing. I have 2 dresses. Do you see where I'm going with this??

Right, first up is a disclaimer about the photoshoot which follows - I know the dresses need ironing and, for the wedding, of course I will do my hair, put on make-up, clean my shoes and accessorise the winning outfit correctly but I didn't have time, okay!! Work with me....sheesh.....

As you can see, my friend Natalie has very kindly taken some pics of me posing shamelessly in both outfits and has managed to get both feet and head in (something no-one managed at the last wedding I went to...) so what do you think??
The first is the Monsoon one I wore to Craig and Angela's wedding and really liked. So, on the positive side, it looks nice and has had an outing and not disgraced itself by getting uncomfortable or crinkled and has proved itself as being good to dance in, not too tight etc etc. On the negative side, I've already worn it once (although there won't be any crossover of guests at the 2 weddings).

(Not the most flattering photo unfortunately, seem to be sticking my tum out - I do have better ones but not full length.)

The second is a new dress from Phase Eight. It's the same style (just a size smaller - get me!) as one I bought earlier in the summer when I went to Nicola's 40th birthday celebration in Leamington Spa and managed to bring everything but my dress! It's very va va voom and I felt good that night too. It's unworn as yet so I feel that I should give it an outing before the summer is over. Or I could take it back and save myself 90 quid....

I'm leaning towards one but not going to tell you which. I also don't promise to go with your choice as myself and Nat and anyone else who visits over the next few days have all been awarded voting rights in this game but I will definitely take your views into account. It's a tricky choice and absolutely nothing is riding on it save my desire to look foxy!!!

Vote now vote now....Banzai!!


petunia said...

WOW -- I love them both, but #2 is a stunner!

Ameythist said...

I am with the second one lesley it is georgous - the colours are really you.

Mrs said...

My favourite is the first but to fit the style brief, maybe number 2 is best. It's even classier than the first. Give the new dress an airing! It looks like it needs to have some fun.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxx

Shauna said...

I like No 2... the colours are fab and i love the neckline!

Lainey. said...

I have to buck the trend here and say I like the first one. You look gorg in them both but I was drawn to the black one.

You'll be stunning no matter what, me thinks.

Peridot said...

Number one! I like the shape of the skirt better - that nipped in waisted 50s style is particularly flattering I think.

Let us know what you go with!

Peridot x

Vanessa said...

Love #2!! Neckline is beautiful and love the colours! You look stunning!

Dee said...

I love them both. I like the first one best. I love the neckline and that it flows. You look great in both of them!! Either one is a winner.

Claire said...

Both look great. First better for dancing..second better for foxing! I'd choose the second one! Claire xxx