Friday, 9 November 2007

Sunny Friday (for chores...)

Hi again - 2 days in a row!! I'm getting back in the swing of things.

The pictures are from our holiday in Ireland. they were taken at the Kennedy Park Arboretum and view point above it. (The park was laid out in the memory of John F Kennedy and is very close to his family's homestead near New Ross, Co Waterford.) It was a lovely day and we took D's mum and brother Patrick for a walk - D pushing the wheelchair and complaining how heavy his brother was and me taking the piss out of him until I had a go and realised it was really hard!!
It was one of those days where you all have a really good laugh - I've never seen his brother laugh so much. As you can see he's mentally handicapped and suffers badly from epilepsy but he's a lovely cheerful soul and an integral part of the family. Still, I've never seen him laugh as much - at one point he was totally lost in giggles and tears were pouring down his face because the dogs were "doing their business" in front of him!! Beautiful...
Shelagh has graciously allowed me to post a picture of a dog other than herself. It's her Irish cousin Benji. They don't really get along but eventually settle into a kind of grumpy truce. each trying to wind the other up by stealing toys and sitting on forbidden sofas and being petted by the other's ma or pa. Quite amusing to watch but, I think, quite stressful for the pooches invovled.
Anyway, I thought Benji looked very handsome standing on his rock with the wind ruffling his hair. And the views from Slieve Coilte were gorgeous too.
It's a lovely cold, crisp, sunny day today so I'm having to resist the temptation to head off into the outdoors when I should be doing indoor chores. I have a bedroom full of stuff to sort and organise but I really want to pick up my camera and head off somewhere nice....which way will I jump??
Foodwise, I feel much more in control. I've not bought any more fruit of muesli. Both are very healthy but were triggers for me to overeat. So I'm going to buy them only in moderation and not for a few more weeks until I feel a bit more in control. Shame but if I can't be trusted around the stuff then it has to go!!
I went to trainng first thing this morning so my muscles feel nice and exercsied so that's also good. It's nice posting when I feel fit and happy to be alive and not guilty about pigging out and fat!!!
Right, now I'm going to keep my momentum up with some more chores while I agonise over the indoor/outdoor choice...have a good day all.


Mrs said...

Hope you got your chores done!

Lovely photos, as always!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

snet said...

Dear Lesley, so glad you are back! I am 36lbs into a 98lb target loss with Lighter Life, and have been hanging off your every post since I started on 10th Sept. So far I'm at that euphoric omigodthere'sabodyunderhere stage. But TOTALLY understand the mad "under a spell" feeling - I've done OK on various diets before until it struck, then completely caved, so despite the fact that LL is going brilliantly during this relatively easy, absinent stage, I live in constant fear of The Spell descending - and I have to say that the decidedly underwhelming counselling isn't giving me the insight I hoped it would into how to ward it off....Anyway, I wanted you to know you are an incredible inspiration and I really, really want you to hold on to your success and live the rest of your interesting and rich life as the slim, gorgeous person you are now. Not only do I want that for you, but I want to believe I could do it too. Thank you for your honesty and your resilience. Don't want to sound like a stalker, but you are AMAZING. Snet x