Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 12 November 2007

Monday is walk day

I sneakily took an afternoon off because it was so gorgeous. The sun was shining and although freezing it was a beautiful blue sky day. I headed up to Whaley Bridge and Combs Reservoir for a good long hike. Again, I have not been up there so was following my trusty book and it didn't let me down. 7 miles of brisk up and down through muddy fields, along ridges and through beech woods and finally finishing off alongside the reservoir. I struggled a bit to do it all before it got dark though so Shelagh didn't have time for a swim. I think she was pretty knackered by the time we got there so she wasn't too miffed. I was just pleased to get back to the car before it got dark!!

I've eaten exactly what I fancied today but haven't gone mad and, what with all the exercise, don't suppose it'll pile the lbs on.

I couldn't believe how lovely it was up on the ridge - lots of little cottages with chickens, geese ducks and all the usual farmyard stuff. Shelagh was happy chasing rabbits and rolling in revolting smelling stuff. There was still frost on the ground in the shaded spots but I spotted some ripened blackberries even now - in November!!


CazLon said...

Wow, I love the fantastic photos you post of the countryside where you live - can I move in please?? Am clean, tidy, and very cheap to feed (hehe!) Really feeling nostalgic for the countryside, you are such a lucky person to have all that beauty surrounding you all the time, definitely beats the gym!

Peridot said...

It looks so beautiful. Sigh, I'm even more jealous that you have all this whilst I have the grime and squalor of glamorous London! I SO want to be a country girl!

Peridot x

PS Fancying a Sussex Spaniel at the moment

In search of me said...

Just caught up. You look great. Jealthy, happy & not fat at all. Its just about keeping in a zne isnt it without getting obsessed but think HOW much you have changed - n longer eating like a pig & dng nowt but being aware of what you eat and excercising. Both are key to a happy ife me thinks and despite what you think you sound well on the way. Did you ever have the London meet?

ThickChick said...

Lesley, you're truly so lucky!
What a place! Picturesque!

ThickChick said...

You've been tagged! See my blog today, Monday 11/19

Mrs said...

How are you Lesley? How has your week been?

LOVE the photos!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxx